This is the right dinner when fasting

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This is the right dinner when fasting
This is the right dinner when fasting

During fasting, eating and drinking can only be done from the time of breaking the fast to the meal. Because meals are limited, some people can like to eat several times at night. However, when when the right dinner time when fasting?

Nutritional needs must still be met even if you are fasting. However, after time to break the fast, it does not mean you can eat at any time, yes.

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In this fasting month, you need to choose the right dinner. The reason is, if done carelessly, for example eating too close to sleep, this is actually at risk of triggering the emergence of stomach acid or GERD which can interfere with your rest time.

So, when is the right dinner when fasting?

Although it has been holding back thirst and hungry all day, it does not mean you can eat carelessly when breaking the fast. When breaking the fast, it helps you eat with sufficient portions and multiply consumption of foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Nevertheless, not only the menu and portion, your meal time also needs to be considered and adjusted to your sleep time in the fasting month.

You need to know, in order to meet sleep time in the fasting month, you are encouraged to sleep at night at least 4 hours before dawn. For example, if you are used to dawn at 3 am, this means you have to sleep at 11 pm.

In addition, you are also advised to give a pause between your last dinner time and sleep time, at least 3 hours. So, if you have to sleep at 11 pm, then your last dinner should not be done from 8 pm.

This pause is intended so that the body has enough time to process the last food you consume before going to bed. Because, if the meal time is too close to sleep, this is at risk of causing various health problems, such as:

  • Sleep is not sound
  • The stomach feels full
  • Gastric acid rises
  • Blood sugar increases dramatically

No less important to do in the fasting month is to meet the daily fluid needs, which is as much as 2 liters or equivalent to 8 glasses of water per day. This is useful to keep your body fresh and hydrated during the fasting month.

Although the number seems a lot, but don't worry, the recommendation of drinking water during the fasting month can be observed by drinking 2 cups of water while breaking, 4 glasses before bed, and 2 glasses at dawn.

If you still have questions related to the right dinner during fasting or want to know the recommendations of dinner time that suits your health condition, don't hesitate to ask your doctor, yes.

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