Tantrums during the trip back and forth to overcome this way

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Tantrums during the trip back and forth to overcome this way
Tantrums during the trip back and forth to overcome this way

Take a trip to Lebaran homecoming with children can not always walk smoothly. Bored and tired because of a long journey can make children experience tantrums. If your little one tantrums on the way homecoming, calm down first, Bun. Let's overcome the following way

Tantrum is an anger or frustration of children that he can show through tears, screaming, throwing things, hitting, until rolling on the floor. This condition is caused by the limitations of children to express their feelings.

Tantrums during the trip back and forth to overcome this way - Alodokter
Tantrums during the trip back and forth to overcome this way - Alodokter

Usually, children become tantrums when he is hungry, tired, bored, and stress. Tantrums in children can happen anytime and anywhere, including on the way homecoming.

How to deal with tantrums during the homecoming trip

If your child tantrums during the homecoming trip, the following is a way you can do to win it:

1. Respond to calm and patient

The little one who tantrums during the homecoming journey can indeed make annoyance and stress. However, avoid scolding or hitting him, yes. The reason is, responding to children's tantrums with emotions will actually make the mother more angry and your child becomes more fussy.

Better, face it calmly and patiently. That way, tantrums your child may be more easily relieved.

2. Bring children away from others

If possible, bring your child who is tantrum away from other passengers. If you are going home by plane or train, carry your child to the back of the aircraft cabin or train car. If you use a car, you can do a stop in the rest area.

After being in a quiet place, let him vent his emotions while giving a touch, kiss, or warm hug to make him calmer.

3. Find out the cause and validation of his feelings

If his anger starts to subside, try to find out the cause of your child crying by asking directly, like "hungry sister, huh? ". If the answer is yes, usually he will give a nod.

Then, Mother can explain that your child's behavior is not true and he must be calm. For example, "Eat your favorite snack in the chair, but you have to be calm, yes. If you are crying, it's a pity, uncle and her aunt so you can't sleep."

In addition, validating feelings can also make your child tantrums more calm. For example, Mother can say, "Mother knows your sister is tired because it has just been sitting. Be patient, dear. Later when you arrive, you can lie down on the bed, deh."

4. Divert the attention of children

If your child tantrum is caused by being hungry, Mother can give him food or milk. If his crying is caused by being tired, Mother can help him to sleep.

Meanwhile, if the little one is a sign that he is bored, Mother can divert his attention by doing a variety of fun activities during the trip. This activity can be in the form of playing with toys, watching cartoons, reading books, or coloring together.

Overcoming tantrums during the homecoming trip can indeed feel complicated. However, with the calmness and patience of the mother in reacting to it, tantrums in children may subside faster and the homecoming journey can feel fun.

Bun, so that this condition does not occur in your child, you should prepare a good homecoming journey. Before traveling, tell me in advance about what he will go through later. Also make sure your child is sleeping enough and in a healthy condition before going home.

If you still have questions related to how to deal with tantrums during your homecoming trip, consult a doctor. Similarly, if you want to ensure the readiness and health of your child before traveling.