Wear magnetic eyelashes, is it safe or not?

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Wear magnetic eyelashes, is it safe or not?
Wear magnetic eyelashes, is it safe or not?

Magnetic lashes (magnetic lashes) began to be glanced by many women because it was considered more practical to use compared to other methods of stretching eyelashes. However, what is the safety of the use of magnetic eyelashes from the medical side? Check the facts in this article, let's

Basically, the use of magnetic eyelashes is not much different from fake eyelashes that are usually found. It's just that this type of eyelashes contains magnets and uses liquid eyeliner which also has a magnet in it so that it can stick to the eyelids without using glue.

Use Magnetic Eyelashes, Safe or Not? - Alodokter
Use Magnetic Eyelashes, Safe or Not? - Alodokter

Magnetic eyelashes are also available in other forms without eyeliner called sandwich types. This product climbs 2 eyelashes containing magnets from the top and bottom of the original eyelashes.

Safety use of magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are quite safe as long as used in the right way and the product meets the BPOM RI standard. In fact, this product is considered safer than eyelashes with glue and eyelash extension, because it is more minimal risks to cause irritation.

Similar to fake eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes are made from synthesis or natural ingredients, such as silk threads, animal hair, or human hair. Meanwhile, the formula for magnetic eyeliner is basically the same as ordinary eyeliner, it's just that the iron oxide content is higher.

Magnetic eyelashes are also classified as more efficient because they can be used repeatedly and easy to use. In addition, magnetic eyeliner is also usually waterproof, but more easily removed with makeup remover than eyelash glue.

Even so, the use of this product can still cause side effects if you do not use it properly and do not maintain cleanliness. The most common risks occur, among others:

  • Eye petals are pinched when use
  • An allergic reaction appears, especially if it has a history of eczema or contact dermatitis
  • Eyelashes fall out
  • Eye lids decrease
  • Infections of the eye, such as bintitis or blepharitis

In addition, if magnetic eyelashes are not used in the right way, it can make it release and pierce eyes. This can increase the risk of corneal abrasion which can even cause corneal damage if not treated properly.

Tips for using magnetic eyelashes

You need to choose a magnetic eyelashes that will be used carefully. Choose a product that has been labeled BPOM and the size of the eyelashes in accordance with the shape of your eyelids. Make sure the date of eyelashes and eyeliner is still long, yes.

You also need to do the eyeliner patch test first before use on the eyelids. The trick, apply a little product to the arm and leave it for 24 hours. If there is no allergic reaction, that means you can use this eyeliner.

The following is how to use magnetic eyelashes with good and correct eyeliner:

  • Wash hands with water and soap.
  • Make sure the eyelashes are clean before use.
  • If you want to use other eye makeup, such as eyeshadow, use it first before using magnetic eyelashes.
  • Use eyeliner by following the eyelid line.
  • Paste the eyelashes immediately according to the eyeliner line.
  • Press gently to make sure the eyelashes stick well.

As for the sandwich type eyelashes, you can use it in the following way:

  • Wash hands with water and soap.
  • Use mascara on eyelashes to increase eyelash attachment.
  • Paper magnetic eyelashes above the original eyelashes. Pair as close as possible to the tip of the original eyelashes, but not to touch the eyelids.
  • Alignment of other magnetic eyelashes from the lower side of the original eyelashes until it sticks well with the top side.
  • Pinch with eyelash clamps so that fake eyelashes are more integrated with real eyelashes.

When you want to remove the magnetic eyelashes, first clean your hands then take off the eyelashes slowly. Avoid removing both magnetic eyelashes at once if you use a sandwich type.

Wash eyelashes with water and soap made from soft before storing. Then, clean the eye area with micellar water or cleansing balm to lift the remaining eyeliner and mascara.

It is important to remember, replace magnetic eyelashes every 3 months or less. Avoid using eyelashes from former other people, because it can trigger bacterial contamination, especially if it is not known with certainty how the history of the cleanliness of the previous user.

In addition, do not use this product if you are experiencing irritation or infection in the area around the eye.

Magnetic eyelashes can be an option to make the eyelash look more curved and volume. However, make sure you keep it clean and use it in the right way to avoid side effects.

If after using this product your eyes feel itchy all day, watery, and red, and your vision becomes blurry, immediately consult a doctor for treatment.