In order to be safe and comfortable, these are tips for carrying babies when traveling back and forth

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In order to be safe and comfortable, these are tips for carrying babies when traveling back and forth
In order to be safe and comfortable, these are tips for carrying babies when traveling back and forth

Carrying a baby on a Lebaran homecoming trip can be a hassle, especially if this is the mother's first homecoming with her little one. However, there's no need to worry too much, OK? If you are well prepared, traveling with your little one can still feel comfortable and enjoyable

Babies are safe enough to travel long distances when they are 3 months old and in good health. In this age range, going with the baby also tends to be easier because he can't do much activity yet.

To be safe and comfortable, these are tips for carrying babies when traveling back and forth - Alodokter

However, the sheer amount of baby gear you need to carry can sometimes be overwhelming. Plus, the new atmosphere on the trip can make the baby feel uncomfortable, unable to sleep, even more fussy than usual.

Tips for Bringing Babies When Traveling

So that you don't have to worry and can travel home comfortably with your little one, here are some tips that you can do:

1. Prepare baby's luggage properly

Your little one's equipment should be divided into two bags. The first bag is an easy-to-reach bag containing your little one's main needs, for example some diapers, tissues, baby food, formula milk, blankets, some clothes, and toys.

This bag also needs to be provided with a first aid kit in case your little one is bitten by an insect or has a mild allergic reaction. Generally, the first aid kits are thermometers, wound medications, plasters, bandages, gauze, sterile cotton, fever and pain medications, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, and prescription drugs.

Meanwhile, the second bag is a larger bag filled with toiletries, clothes, baby carriers, spare diapers, and other items that may be used later.

2. Choose a convenient mode of transportation

If you are going home using public transportation, be it planes, trains, or buses, ask in advance about the conditions for traveling with your baby and how the supporting facilities are obtained.

Usually, public transportation provides a special baby seat that can make your little one sit more comfortably during the trip. In addition, it's a good idea for you to choose the front seat so you have extra room or a seat near the toilet to make it easier for you to change your little one's diaper.

If going home with a private car, your child is advised to sit in the car seat so that his safety is maintained. The car seat is attached to the back seat. If necessary, you can add curtains to the car window next to your little one's seat so that he or she avoids direct sunlight.

3. Determine the right travel time

This is important, bud. If going home by public transportation, choose a travel time when your little one usually sleeps, for example during the day after eating. By traveling at bedtime, while on the road, your little one will sleep more often.

In addition, it is better to go home personally and not with a group. The reason is, so that you can arrange your own travel time and determine the ideal stopping place to rest and change diapers.

4. Sufficient food and drink needs

Sufficient food and drink for your little one during the Lebaran trip will keep him energized and prevent him from various health problems, such as motion sickness, dehydration, constipation, and diarrhea.

If you use the airplane mode of transportation, you are advised to breastfeed your little one when the plane takes off and lands. This is to prevent the little one's ears from hurting due to changes in air pressure on the plane.

5. Make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible

So that your little one stays calm during the trip, interact with him often. Invite him to play with his toys, read a book, or talk to him. In addition, occasionally give his body a gentle massage so that he does not get sore and can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Bringing a baby on a homecoming trip is no longer a hassle if you apply the tips above. The most important thing is to make sure Mother and Little One are in top condition when going home so they can enjoy the trip and celebrate Eid with joy.

If you still have questions regarding going home with your baby or want to make sure your little one is ready before traveling, you can consult a doctor first.

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