Interested in threading eyebrows? Know this fact first

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Interested in threading eyebrows? Know this fact first
Interested in threading eyebrows? Know this fact first

Want to form an eyebrow to be neat and symmetrical? Try the eyebrow threading method, deh! In addition to making the appearance of the eyebrows look perfect, this procedure is also considered safer because of the minimal risk of irritation. Nevertheless, you need to know the following facts before undergoing eyebrow threading

Threading is a technique for removing fine hair with the help of two pieces of long cotton yarn. This procedure is carried out by wrapping threads on the index finger and thumb on both hands, then moved like cutting to pull fine hair to the roots.

Interested in threading eyebrows? Know this fact first - alodokter
Interested in threading eyebrows? Know this fact first - alodokter

Unlike waxing that can be done on any body area, threading is usually only used in certain areas, such as cheeks, chin, lip cupid, and eyebrows. Eyebrow threading or threading eyebrows become one of the favorite methods for women and even men to form eyebrow frames become neater.

Safety facts of eyebrow threading procedures

From the medical side, eyebrow threading is a safe procedure. This method is the right choice for the owners of sensitive and acne prone skin because it does not swipe the skin and does not use chemicals as in waxing. So, the risk of irritation and swelling can be reduced.

Threading can reach short and smooth eyebrow hairs, so the results will be neater. The growth of fur after undergoing this procedure is longer than pulling or shaving, which is an average of 4-5 weeks.

In addition, many people judge that eyebrow threading is not more painful and the price is more affordable than waxing and other hair removal methods.

However, behind the many advantages of eyebrow threading, this method still has side effects. After threading eyebrows, it is not uncommon to appear reddish and mild irritation in the area around the eyes and eyebrows. This is a common reaction and can be overcome by applying aloe vera gel.

In addition, if this procedure is not carried out by experts or threads used are not maintained clean, it can increase the risk of allergic reactions, severe irritation, ingrown hair, molluscum contagiosum, and bacterial infections in the skin, including folliculitis.

Tips for undergoing eyebrow threading procedures

To reduce the risk of side effects due to eyebrow threading, there are several ways you can do, namely:

  • Choose a beauty salon that has official permission and has a service standard, including good cleanliness.
  • Choose a salon whose eyebrow threading procedures are indeed carried out by people who are trained and certified.
  • Before undergoing threading, make sure the cotton thread used is a new and clean thread.
  • Avoid undergoing eyebrow threading if the skin condition is irritated or injured.

Threading eyebrows is interesting to do. However, you should consider and adjust to the needs and conditions of your skin. Do not let, efforts to get eyebrows that look perfect actually endanger the health of your own skin.

If after undergoing threading eyebrows the skin area around your eyes feels itchy, unbearable pain, swelling, or blisters, you should immediately consult a doctor to get treatment.