Causes and ways to remove skin tags safely

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Causes and ways to remove skin tags safely
Causes and ways to remove skin tags safely

Skin tags are flesh growing on the surface of a small skin and resembling warts. This condition is generally harmless and does not cause pain. However, if it is very disturbing, medical treatment needs to be done to overcome it

Skin tags may look small and look light. However, never carelessly try to get rid of your own skin tags, yes. This can actually trigger injury and even infection. Better, first identify the cause of skin tags and the right way to eliminate it.

Causes and ways to remove skin tags safely - alodokter
Causes and ways to remove skin tags safely - alodokter

Cause skin tags?

Skin tag sizes vary, ranging from a few millimeters to about 5 centimeters. Skin tags are found around the armpits, chest, calves, groin, neck, eyelids, or around the buttocks.

Skin tags are formed from a layer of skin that loses collagen so that it becomes loose. However, the cause of the skin tag is still unknown.

Most likely this condition occurs due to friction on the surface of the skin, either between skin and clothing, jewelry, or other objects.

Skin tags can occur in men and women, especially those who are overweight and diabetics. Skin tags can also appear as a side effect of increasing pregnancy hormone in pregnant women.

How to get rid of skin tags

You are not advised to eliminate your own skin tags at home, especially by interesting. These methods can actually cause pain, bleeding, to infection. Preferably, consult a doctor to remove skin tags.

There are several ways the doctor can do to get rid of skin tags, including:

1. Minor surgery

Minor surgery is a common procedure performed to overcome skin tags. This procedure is carried out by cutting skin tags with sterile scissors or cutting them with a scalpel.

2. Electric surgery

Electrosurgery is a surgical method that utilizes high -frequency electric current to produce heat. In this procedure, the skin tag will be heated using electricity with a certain voltage. After that, the doctor will lift the skin tag.

3. Crutionrerapy

Different from the electric surgery procedure that utilizes electricity to produce heat, cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze skin tags. After being frozen, then the doctor will lift the skin tag from the skin.

4. Ligation

Skin tags are removed by binding and cutting the flow of blood vessels in it using surgical thread. Doctors generally do not need to anesthetize sufferers if skin tags are small and small. Local anesthesia is only carried out on large sized skin tags with large quantities.

One of the risks of skin tag handling is the emergence of scars and mild bleeding, but the scar will eventually disappear. Generally, patients do not need a long recovery time so they can immediately move as usual.

In addition to some of the above treatments, many people choose to eliminate skin tags as natural treatment, such as using apple vinegar, garlic, or with tea tree oil.

However, until now, these methods have not been proven effective and scientifically safe. So you should first consult with a doctor before trying to apply a natural method to eliminate skin tags.

The existence of skin tags is generally not disturbing and harmless, so it does not require special treatment. However, you can consult a doctor if the skin tag starts to feel disturbing or showing drastic changes, both in color, shape, size, and number.