4 Advantages of IVF that need to be understood

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4 Advantages of IVF that need to be understood
4 Advantages of IVF that need to be understood

From several types of pregnancy programs, IVF can be an option to get a baby, especially if other methods can't be done or fail. There are at least 4 advantages of IVF that you and your partner need to know before deciding to undergo this program

IVF or in vitro fertilization (IVF) is done by combining eggs and sperm in a laboratory. After the egg is successfully fertilized, the results of the fertilization (embryo) will be transferred into the uterus so that it can develop and pregnancy occurs.

4 Strengths of IVF that need to be understood - Alodokter
4 Strengths of IVF that need to be understood - Alodokter

IVF can increase the chances of getting pregnant for couples with certain health conditions, such as damage, blockage, or a history of removal of the fallopian tubes, impaired ovulation or sperm function, endometriosis, and sexual dysfunction.

In addition, IVF can also be a solution for women aged 40 years and over who still want to have children, especially if they have previously undergone the egg freezing procedure.

Advantages of IVF Procedure

IVF procedures are increasingly popular in Indonesia. If you and your partner are interested in undergoing an IVF program, here are some of the advantages of IVF that you need to know:

1. Have a higher chance of getting pregnant

IVF is considered the most effective method and has a high chance of getting pregnant. Based on data from PERFITRI (Indonesian In Vitro Fertilization Association), in 2017, the success of the IVF program in Indonesia reached 29% per year.

The success of IVF is certainly influenced by the healthy lifestyle of the prospective mother and father, the age of the woman, and the quality of the eggs and sperm cells that will be used.

Therefore, if you and your partner want to undergo this program, apply a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy foods, getting enough vitamin D, implementing good sleep patterns, maintaining an ideal body weight, managing stress, and not smoking.

2. Have a chance to get twins

If you and your partner want twins, IVF can be an option. In this method, there will be several eggs that are taken to be fertilized by sperm in order to get more than one embryo.

When two or more embryos are inserted into the uterus and successfully attach to the uterine wall, multiple pregnancies can occur. However, twins obtained from IVF are usually non-identical twins.

3. Detect genetic disorders

In the IVF program, the fertilized egg will go through a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) before being implanted into the uterus. This test aims to check for genetic abnormalities in the embryo.

If an embryo with a genetic abnormality is found, the embryo will be eliminated. Then, the doctor will select and plant healthy embryos without genetic abnormalities.

4. Detect gender early

The sex of the baby will be according to the chromosomes it carries. Females have an XX chromosome and males have an XY chromosome. In normal pregnancy procedures, gender is only detected at 14–18 weeks of gestation through ultrasound examination.

Now, for IVF, the pre-implantation genetic test which is a stage in this program can be used to detect the sex of the prospective baby early by looking at the type of chromosome in the embryo to be implanted.

However, when implanting two embryos of different sexes, sex determination will depend on which embryo is implanted. If only one of the embryos is successfully implanted, the sex of the fetus can only be known as the fetus develops.

IVF does have many advantages, but this program is not an easy thing to do. Apart from having to spend a lot of money, expectant mothers and fathers must also maintain their physical and mental health so that the chances of IVF success are higher.

While waiting for the birth of the baby from IVF, expectant mothers and fathers can start preparing a list of various newborn equipment, such as staples, baby clothes and pants, toiletries, to skin care products, including telon oil.

Telon oil is a mixture of eucalyptus oil, fennel oil, and coconut oil which is useful for moisturizing the skin, warming the body, easing breathing, preventing flatulence, and increasing the body's immunity.

Usually, telon oil is also equipped with lemongrass extract to protect baby's skin from mosquito bites. In addition, chamomile extract in telon oil can also make the baby calmer, relaxed, and sleep more soundly.

If you are interested in doing IVF programs, you should and your partner consult a doctor first. The doctor will conduct an examination and give advice that suits your condition and your partner.