Before deciding, know first the cost of IVF here

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Before deciding, know first the cost of IVF here
Before deciding, know first the cost of IVF here

IVF procedure is one solution for couples who want to have a baby, but experience fertility disorders. If you and your partner intend to undergo this procedure, it is important to find out first the cost of IVF so that you can prepare everything better

IVF or I N V ITRO FERITILIZATION (IVF) is a procedure for the union of eggs and sperm cells in the laboratory for further planted in the uterus to make pregnancy occurs. Generally, this method is carried out by married couples who have problems with fertility so it is difficult to have offspring.

Before deciding, first know the cost of IVF here - Alodokter

This is the range of IVF in Indonesia

It is undeniable, the IVF program does require a lot of money. Because, there are various stages in this procedure that needs to be passed in order to succeed in creating pregnancy.

In each hospital, IVF program costs can be different. In one IVF program, several stages will be carried out. In these stages, there will be costs that you and your partner need to prepare. The stages undertaken in one IVF process are as follows:

  • Registration of IVF programs
  • Test to find out sperm readiness and health (sperm analysis)
  • The use of drugs during the IVF program
  • Supporting examination, including laboratories and ultrasound
  • Routine consultation with an obstetrician

The costs incurred can also increase, for example because one of the couples or both has a health problem that needs to be handled before undergoing the IVF program.

In addition, hospitals also usually provide a number of services to support the success of IVF. The service can be in the form of:

  • Egg cell collection and storage
  • Sperm storage
  • Selection of sperm to be planted in the womb (IMSI Treatment)
  • Freezing sperm or embryo
  • Egg cell fertilization and culture (ICSI)
  • Genetic screening before the embryo is planted into the womb
  • Planting frozen embryos into the womb
  • Assisted hatching

In Indonesia, IVF costs ranging from Rp. 40,000,000 to Rp. 80,000,000. However, there are also IVF programs that spend more deeply even up to hundreds of millions.

As explained, the hospital is different different from the cost of IVF that is needed. This is because the packages and facilities provided are not the same.

Outside the main costs, you and your partner also need to prepare more funds for unexpected things, such as handling side effects or complications that arise during this procedure.

Keep in mind, some couples need more than one IVF program to be able to succeed in creating pregnancy. This of course will add to the costs that must be incurred.

Therefore, make sure you and your partner have really prepared funds, in addition to physical and mental health before undergoing this procedure.

If later the IVF program that you live successfully, you and your partner also need to start preparing funds for various baby equipment, ranging from diapers, clothing, milk bottles, toiletries, to other treatments, such as telon oil.

Remember, do not carelessly determine baby care products to be used. Choose a special baby product that contains natural ingredients. Besides being safer for babies, products with natural ingredients can also maintain the health of the baby and protect them from various diseases.

If you and your partner intend to undergo IVF procedures or still have questions about the pregnancy program, do not hesitate to consult a doctor to get the right solution.

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