So that children don't get bored during Eid at home, try this activity

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So that children don't get bored during Eid at home, try this activity
So that children don't get bored during Eid at home, try this activity

Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr only at home can certainly make children bored. However, you need not worry. There are several activities that Mothers can do with their Little Ones so that they can still enjoy every moment of Eid even if only at home. Want to know anything? Come on, see in this article

The homecoming ban is gone. However, the COVID-19 cases that are still being discovered have made some people doubt and finally give up their intention to return to their hometown.

So that children don't get bored during Eid at home, try this activity - Alodokter
So that children don't get bored during Eid at home, try this activity - Alodokter

Staying at home during Eid can certainly be boring, especially for children. To replace the moment when your little one meets relatives and friends, there are several things you can do to make your little one happy to welcome Eid even though they can't go home and can only stay at home.

5 Activity Ideas You Can Do During Eid at Home

The following are activity ideas that can be done with children to get rid of boredom, boredom, and maybe sadness because they have to be at home for Eid:

1. Making video calls with family

To treat your little one's longing for family or friends in the village, Mom and Dad can invite him to make video calls with them. That way, your little one can still stay in touch with each other and also exchange stories even though they can't meet in person.

2. Watch favorite movies

Watching children's favorite movies can also be a fun activity on Eid day. So that the atmosphere is different, Mom and Dad can try decorating the viewing room with certain themes, such as forest or underwater themes.

Well, so that the decorations that Mom and Dad make are according to what the Little One wants, don't forget to ask for his opinion. If necessary, invite him to be involved in decorating the room. This method can make watching together during Lebaran more enjoyable.

3. Picnic in the courtyard

Usually, picnics are done on the beach or on the mountain. However, when Lebaran at home, Mom and Dad can work around this by taking the Little One on a picnic in the yard. Even though it seems simple, this activity still feels fun, you know.

Besides being able to relieve boredom, a picnic in the yard is also a moment of family time that can increase the bond between parents and children. The reason is, during a picnic, Mom and Dad can exchange stories with the Little One and get to know more about him.

4. Sing and dance together

Singing and dancing with children can also be an interesting idea to overcome boredom during Eid at home. Besides being able to make the atmosphere more cheerful, singing also brings various benefits for your little one, such as increasing vocabulary, improving mood, and improving memory.

Meanwhile, dancing can make your little one's body fitter, train flexibility, and improve balance and body strength.

5. Playing children's favorite games

If all this time Mom and Dad don't have much time to be with the Little One, then take advantage of the Lebaran moment at home this time to spend time with him. One of the common activities that can be done is by playing games that children like.

Playing together is not only fun, but also can help train growth and development, sharpen imagination, and promote good cooperation between children and parents.

Those are some activities that Mom and Dad can do with your little one during Lebaran at home. However, if on Eid Mum, Dad, or even your little one looks unwell, it's better to just rest and don't force yourself. Also consult the condition to the doctor to get the right advice.