Knowing Holiday Blues and How to Deal with It

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Knowing Holiday Blues and How to Deal with It
Knowing Holiday Blues and How to Deal with It

Holiday blues can occur when you feel stressed or sad when the holidays come. This condition can be characterized by various symptoms, such as loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, or feeling anxious

Not everyone is happy when Eid, Christmas, or New Year's holidays arrive. For some or some people, holidays actually cause feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. This condition is called the holiday blues.

Get to know the Holiday Blues and how to deal with them - Alodokter
Get to know the Holiday Blues and how to deal with them - Alodokter

Cause of Holiday Blues

The Holiday blues are generally triggered by pressure to be more cheerful and happy during the holidays. Even though it is difficult or even impossible to do.

Holiday blues often occur to those who have lost a family member or loved one. During the holidays, they are no longer able to carry out the traditions that are usually carried out with their loved ones.

In addition, the holiday blues can also be felt by people who are not going home or on vacation due to various factors, such as:

  • Fear of family questions
  • Has financial problems
  • Facing the pandemic condition
  • Doesn't get any time off from work

People who have suffered from mental he alth disorders are more prone to experiencing the holiday blues. In fact, research shows that the holiday blues can make mental disorders worse.

Features of Holiday Blues

The most common characteristic of the holiday blues is the emergence of feelings of sadness that are persistent and recurring during the holiday period. In addition, the holiday blues can also be accompanied by other symptoms, such as:

  • Loss of interest in normally enjoyable things
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Losing weight
  • Feeling more tired
  • Sleep pattern changes
  • Irritable
  • Feeling worried and anxious

If you still feel some of the characteristics of the holiday blues after the holiday, you should consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. This is because the characteristics of the holiday blues can be similar to other he alth disorders, such as hypothyroidism.

How to deal with the Holiday Blues

There are several ways you can deal with the holiday blues, including:

1. Arrange a meeting with family or friends

Holiday blues often make sufferers feel lonely, isolated, and sad. Therefore, arrange a meeting with friends or family so that you don't feel alone. Make an appointment at a relative's house or a cafe to share stories.

In addition to friends and relatives, you can also plan meeting new people through social activities. This activity is believed to relieve stress and depression, overcome loneliness, and improve mood.

2. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages

When stress and depression strike due to the holiday blues, many people consume alcoholic beverages to overcome them. However, drinking too much alcohol will actually affect your mood, so that negative feelings will continue to arise.

Therefore, limit alcoholic beverages to a maximum of 1-2 glasses per day. You should also refrain from serving alcoholic beverages at home and try to choose other, he althier drinks, such as water or fruit juice.

3. Feel free to say no

Vacation is often used as a reunion with school friends. For some, reunions are uncomfortable, triggering the holiday blues. If you experience this, feel free to refuse to attend the event.

You are free to choose with whom and where you will spend time. So, don't listen to the opinions of people who judge you wrong when you decide not to come to the reunion.

4. Make realistic expectations

The Holiday blues can also occur if the holidays don't go according to your expectations or plans. Therefore, make realistic expectations or plans according to your abilities.

It is important to emphasize to yourself that the holidays are a time to have fun. So, focus on having a great time with your loved ones and create beautiful memories during the holidays.

5. Practice he althy habits

Physical he alth is very influential on mental he alth. Therefore, it is important to adopt a he althy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, eating a balanced nutritious diet, and getting enough sleep to prevent or overcome the holiday blues.

Holidays may not be the best time if you are experiencing the holiday blues. However, keep on enjoying the holiday moments with your family or loved ones, because it may not happen again in your life.

If you still experience the holiday blues despite doing the various methods above, even to the point of interfering with your daily activities, you should consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to get appropriate treatment advice.