4 Benefits of Floating Therapy for He alth

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4 Benefits of Floating Therapy for He alth
4 Benefits of Floating Therapy for He alth

Although not much has been done, there are various he alth benefits of floating therapy that you need to know about, such as reducing pain and anxiety. By knowing the benefits, you can also consider this therapy to overcome the various complaints you are experiencing

Float therapy is usually carried out in a closed tank that is soundproof and dimly lit. The tank is then filled with warm water and Epsom s alt which contains magnesium sulfate.

4 Benefits of Floating Therapy for He alth - Alodokter
4 Benefits of Floating Therapy for He alth - Alodokter

The main purpose of adding Epsom s alt is actually to make the body float more easily. However, this s alt can also provide various benefits for the body.

Knowing the Benefits of Floating Therapy

Just like meditation, floating therapy is believed to reduce sensory stimulation in the form of sound and light and distract the mind from the outside world. When you are in the tank, you also have to focus on yourself so that the benefits you get will be maximized.

The following are some of the he alth benefits of floating therapy that you can get:

1. Reducing anxiety and stress

The main benefit of floating therapy is to relieve anxiety and stress. A dim and quiet atmosphere during therapy is believed to make the mind stay focused and the body more relaxed, so that anxiety and stress can be reduced.

In one study, floating therapy was also known to relieve migraine symptoms and relieve various mental disorders, such as PTSD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and depression.

2. Improve sleep quality

floating therapy is an option that you can try if you have sleep disorders. In one study, floating therapy could relieve sleep problems, such as insomnia, triggered by stress, anxiety, or depression.

3. Reduce pain

Another benefit of floating therapy is to reduce pain, for example in headaches and muscle aches.

The floating position allows muscles throughout the body to relax, making the body more relaxed. In addition, the magnesium content in Epsom s alt is also able to reduce tense muscles.

This benefit is also supported by a study showing that floating therapy can reduce pain intensity and narrow the area of pain.

4. Reduce swelling

In addition to reducing pain, floating in water containing Epsom s alt can also reduce swelling and arthritis. In addition to the magnesium content in the s alt, the floating position can also reduce pressure on the joints.

In addition to the above benefits, floating therapy is also considered to increase immunity, relieve neck stiffness, improve blood circulation, improve brain function, as well as injury recovery therapy for athletes.

Although there are many benefits that can be obtained from floating therapy, this therapy cannot be done by everyone. For those who suffer from heart disease, experience claustrophobia, or have a history of seizures, it is not recommended to follow this therapy.

During floating therapy, don't forget to use ear and eye plugs, then take a shower before and after undergoing therapy. If you have a wound, it's best to postpone therapy until the wound is completely healed.

The benefits of floating therapy are very good for he alth and generally have minimal side effects. However, if you have certain he alth conditions or disorders, it is advisable to consult a doctor first before doing this therapy.