Know 5 Factors that Determine the Success of IVF

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Know 5 Factors that Determine the Success of IVF
Know 5 Factors that Determine the Success of IVF

There are various factors that determine the success of IVF that are important to know, especially for couples who want to have children through this method. What are the factors? Let's find out the answer in the following article

In vitro fertilization (IVF) method is a method to help the process of pregnancy in couples who have fertility problems to produce offspring.

Know the 5 Factors that Determine the Success of IVF - Alodokter

This method is also used for couples who have not succeeded in having children despite trying other methods, such as artificial insemination, taking fertility-supporting drugs, or even surgery.

The IVF procedure is done by combining egg cells and sperm cells outside the body, namely in the laboratory. The egg that has been successfully fertilized will be inserted into the uterus.

Determining Factors for IVF Success

Here are some factors that are thought to increase the success of the IVF program:

1. Age

The first determining factor for IVF success is your age while undergoing this program. The younger you are, the greater the success rate of the IVF program. This is because the number and quality of eggs will decrease with age.

2. Weight

In addition to age, weight can also be a determining factor for the success of IVF method. The reason is, being overweight or underweight can reduce the function of reproductive hormones that play a role in supporting fertility.

In order to maintain an ideal body weight, you and your partner are advised to exercise regularly and eat nutritious foods.

3. Nutritional intake

Research shows that people who meet the needs of various nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, iron, omega-3, zinc, and folic acid, will have a greater chance of getting pregnant with IVF.

This is because the various nutrients above can increase the fertility of both women and men.

4. Sperm he alth

The number and quality of sperm also play a role in determining the success of the IVF program. To optimize sperm he alth, you should do regular exercise and consume foods that can improve sperm quality, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, and nuts.

5. Lifestyle

The last critical success factor for IVF is implementing a he althy lifestyle by exercising regularly, maintaining an ideal body weight, not smoking, and getting enough sleep.

Deciding to undergo IVF is not an easy thing. In addition to costing a lot of money, you and your partner must also pay attention to your physical and mental he alth so that the chances of IVF success are higher.

If the IVF program has shown results, also prepare some important equipment to welcome your little one, such as clothes, diapers, and toiletries, to Telon oil.

Especially telon oil, besides being known to give a warm feeling to the baby's body, this oil is useful for maintaining its he alth because it contains

various blends of essential oils, such as the natural compound rodhinol, eucalyptus oil, olive oil, coconut oil, chamomillae oil and anise oil.

If you and your partner still have questions about the factors that determine the success of IVF, don't hesitate to consult or ask a doctor. That way, the chances of the IVF program being successful will be greater.

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