This is the kind of couple that is recommended to join the IVF Program

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This is the kind of couple that is recommended to join the IVF Program
This is the kind of couple that is recommended to join the IVF Program

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure to help the process of fertilization of eggs by sperm outside the body, precisely in the laboratory. So, what kind of couples are recommended to join the IVF program?

In IVF procedure, an egg that has been fertilized outside the body will become a fetus or embryo. After that, the fetus will be implanted into the uterus to grow and develop into a fetus.

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Some Conditions That Make IVF Program Suggested

The IVF program is usually recommended for couples who have not had children, even though they have tried to have sex during their fertile period for more than 2 years.

This method can also be used for couples who have not succeeded in conceiving children even though they have tried other methods, such as taking fertility-supporting drugs, artificial insemination, or surgery.

In a couple, infertility can be experienced by the woman, the man, or both. In general, IVF can be performed on couples who have difficulty conceiving because they suffer from the following conditions:

  • Damage or complete blockage of the fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes), which makes it difficult for the egg to be fertilized or the embryo difficult to travel to the uterus
  • Male infertility due to impaired function, shape, or movement of sperm
  • Endometriosis
  • Female fertility problems, for example due to poor egg quality, ovulation disorders, or irregular menstruation
  • Genetic disorders
  • Fertility problems of unknown cause or primary infertility

Factors Supporting the Success of IVF Program

The following are things that couples need to fulfill, so that the success rate of the IVF program can be higher and optimal:

Under 42 years old

A woman's age also influences the success of the IVF program. Various studies have shown that women under 35 years of age have a higher IVF success rate than women over 35.

The success rate of IVF program will decrease in women over 42 years old. This is thought to be related to several factors, ranging from genetic factors, the aging process, to changes in hormone levels with age.

Ready and he althy physically and mentally

Readiness and physical and mental he alth of you and your partner are also important requirements in joining the IVF program. This is because IVF programs can take a long time, are expensive, and involve complex procedures.

Therefore, in order to support the success of IVF, couples who want to undergo this procedure are strongly advised to maintain their he alth by avoiding excessive stress, maintaining an ideal body weight, maintaining a he althy diet, and avoiding the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking..

That's an explanation about couples who are advised to follow IVF and a number of things that can support the success of this method. If you are interested in undergoing the IVF program, you and your partner can consult a doctor first.

This is important so that the doctor can evaluate the he alth and fertility condition of you and your partner, as well as suggest a suitable method of reproduction, including IVF.

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