Regular Dental Consultation from an Early Age to Keep Teeth Intact in Old Age

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Regular Dental Consultation from an Early Age to Keep Teeth Intact in Old Age
Regular Dental Consultation from an Early Age to Keep Teeth Intact in Old Age

Keeping your teeth and mouth he althy is not just brushing your teeth every day. You are also advised to have regular dental consultations. This habit should be done early as an early detection effort if there are problems with the teeth and mouth

Based on the Basic He alth Research (Riskesdas) in 2018, out of 57% of people who experienced dental and oral problems, only 10.2% visited the dentist and generally felt very sick. In fact, delaying going to the dentist can actually trigger more serious problems, one of which is tooth loss.

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Tooth loss can be experienced by anyone, both children and adults, who do not maintain good dental hygiene and do not perform regular dental check-ups, generally because of distance constraints or limited funds.

If you continue to do this, this habit can lead to cavities or infection of the teeth and gums, thus triggering tooth loss. This is what causes many people to lose their teeth before the age of 65.

Benefits of Regular Dental Consultation from an Early Age

Dental consultation with a doctor on a regular basis is an important step that needs to be done, at least every 6 months. Not only for adults, dental consultations should be done since the first teeth erupt, which is when the child is around 6 months old.

When you regularly do dental consultations, this allows the doctor to detect the presence or absence of dental and oral problems that you are not aware of. If dental and oral problems are detected too late and left untreated, complications that are more difficult to treat in the future can arise.

Therefore, don't miss regular dental consultations with your doctor to keep your teeth and mouth he althy. That way, you can avoid more serious problems, not only in your teeth and mouth, but also in general he alth.

Currently, you can also use online consultation services for free via cellphone, especially for those of you who are hampered by distance and costs. Through this service, you can consult a dentist for free about your dental and oral problems.

You too can get the best solution, either in the form of home care or advice on pain relievers that can be used for emergencies.

In addition to getting an examination and knowing developments related to dental and oral he alth, another benefit that you get when you routinely consult your teeth from an early age is to get the right advice to maintain dental he alth.

For example, how to clean teeth properly, recommendations for good nutritional intake for dental he alth, and recommendations for avoiding habits that can damage teeth.

Therefore, don't wait for a toothache, get a dental consultation now!

Tips to Maintain Proper Dental and Oral He alth

There are several things you can do to keep your teeth and mouth he althy, including:

  • Brushing teeth 2 times a day regularly, precisely after breakfast and before going to bed
  • Choose a toothbrush that is soft and comfortable to use
  • Using toothpaste containing fluoride to prevent cavities and strengthen tooth enamel
  • Cleaning teeth with dental floss to clean food residue between the teeth and prevent the formation of plaque that causes cavities
  • Using mouthwash or mouthwash to treat bad breath and reduce tartar

Even so, the use of mouthwash in children under 6 years of age should be avoided, unless recommended by the dentist who treats them.

In addition to some of the tips above, there are other things that you need to pay attention to so that your dental and oral he alth is maintained and your teeth are protected from various diseases, namely getting used to immediately gargling or cleaning your teeth after consuming sweet foods and drinks, as well stop smoking habit.

After knowing how to properly maintain dental he alth and understanding the importance of regular dental consultations from an early age, it is hoped that you and your family will have he althy and strong teeth into old age.

The important thing that you also need to remember is not to wait until you have a toothache to consult a doctor. Precisely with regular dental consultations from an early age, you can avoid dental and oral diseases in the future. Come on, have a dental consultation now.

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