Beware of 4 Diseases That Stalk Children During Eid

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Beware of 4 Diseases That Stalk Children During Eid
Beware of 4 Diseases That Stalk Children During Eid

Approaching Eid, Mother must be more aware of the he alth of the Little One, yes. The reason is, there are a number of diseases that are quite common in children during Eid. So that you can anticipate them, let's find out what these diseases are through this article

There are many things that put children at risk for he alth problems during Eid, including rarely washing their hands after playing and consuming too much coconut milk or sweet foods which are commonly served during Eid.

Beware of 4 Diseases That Stalk Children During Eid - Alodokter
Beware of 4 Diseases That Stalk Children During Eid - Alodokter

In addition, children, especially infants, have immature immune systems, which make them more susceptible to illness.

4 Diseases That Stalk Children During Eid

The following are 4 diseases that are quite often experienced by children when Eid arrives:

1. Diarrhea

Consuming coconut milk and spicy foods in excess, such as opor, gulai, and rendang, can cause diarrhea in some children. Not only food, some drinks that are commonly served during Eid, such as soft drinks and syrup, can also put children at risk for diarrhea.

In addition, if the food or drink consumed by the child is not kept clean, this will increase the risk of getting an E. Coli bacterial infection. In certain cases, infection with E. Coli bacteria can cause severe diarrhea.

Therefore, Mother and Father need to be more careful in choosing the food and drink that will be served to the Little One, so that he or she avoids this disease. Also make sure he regularly washes his hands after playing and before eating.

2. Constipation

During Eid, children's eating patterns are often out of control. He may also rarely drink water and even like to hold bowel movements because he is busy playing with his relatives. In fact, these things can increase the risk of having difficult bowel movements or constipation, you know, Bun.

Therefore, Mother needs to always remind the Little One to drink enough water, don't hold back defecation, and eat lots of vegetables or fruits that contain high fiber. That way, your little one can avoid the risk of constipation and he is still comfortable enjoying the moment of Eid with his extended family.

3. Toothache

Sweet foods and drinks, such as pastries, syrup, or candy, are often raided by children during Eid. If consumed too much, especially if the child is not disciplined in brushing his teeth, then the risk of toothache will increase.

So, remind and accompany your little one to always brush their teeth regularly, 2 times a day, yes, Bun, if possible, also limit the consumption of sweet foods and drinks.

4. Flu, cough and sore throat

Lebaran is indeed very close to the tradition of gathering with family accompanied by greetings. However, you need to know, when your little one gathers and shakes hands with many people, this can also increase the risk of contracting bacteria or viruses that cause flu, cough, or sore throat.

This is because Mom and Dad certainly can't ensure the he alth of every family member who visits. Not to mention if the little one's immune system is really weak or the he alth protocol is not being implemented properly.

Therefore, it is important for mothers to teach their little ones to always apply he alth protocols, including regularly washing hands and using masks. If a family member is sick, there's nothing wrong with limiting the number of people attending.

If during Eid your little one looks unwell, lethargic, coughs, or has a fever, you should first limit activities outside the home or meet many people and check with a doctor to get the right treatment.