Is it true that swaddling a baby can prevent a baby's legs from being bent?

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Is it true that swaddling a baby can prevent a baby's legs from being bent?
Is it true that swaddling a baby can prevent a baby's legs from being bent?

Crunchy baby legs can certainly cause concern, especially in some cases, this condition can be a sign of serious he alth problems. To prevent bent legs in babies, swaddling is believed to be one effective way. However, is it true?

As long as it is done in the right time, duration, and in the right way, swaddling a baby has always been believed to have many benefits. Besides being able to keep the baby's body warm and help him sleep more soundly, not a few parents also believe that swaddling a baby can prevent crooked legs from occurring.

Is it true that swaddling a baby can prevent a baby's legs from being bent? - Alodokter

Newborn Baby Feet Condition

Newborn babies can have legs that look crooked. This is because while in the womb, bone movement occurs so that the position and size of the fetus remains right in the womb.

This is a normal condition and slowly as the baby is born and then begins to learn to walk, the crooked legs will gradually come back straight.

However, some parents may become overly concerned with this condition and try to quickly find a way to correct or prevent a baby's bent legs.

Well, one of the most common and trusted ways to prevent crooked legs is to swaddle the baby. He said, wrapping cloth or swaddling around the baby's body will make his legs straight, so the risk of the baby's legs being bent can be avoided.

Facts Behind Swaddling Can Prevent Baby's Feet from Bend

As previously explained that in some children, crooked legs can improve with growth and development. So actually, swaddling also will not be able to prevent or treat crooked legs in babies.

In fact, swaddling a baby too tightly can actually increase the risk of a hip dislocation. In fact, swaddling when the baby is actively moving and rolling can also increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Sudden death syndrome can occur when the baby rolls over in a prone position and he is unable to return to his original position due to swaddling bandages on his limbs that are too strong. In the end, this will cause the baby to have difficulty breathing

In addition, if the swaddle is too loose, the remaining cloth that comes off can also cover the baby's nose and mouth, which is the baby's airway.

Therefore, Mothers need to know how to swaddle a baby correctly and at the right time to stop this activity, so that your little one can avoid the risks mentioned earlier. Here are some baby swaddling tips that you can apply:

  • Don't swaddle the baby too tight or too loose. Make sure that the bandage is still able to make the hips and legs move freely.
  • Stop the habit of swaddling a baby when he shows signs of being able to roll over, which is around 2 months of age.
  • When a baby is swaddled, always make sure that he stays on his back, especially when he is sleeping. Perform more strict supervision on babies who have started showing signs of being able to roll over.

If done in the right way, swaddling a baby is safe. In fact, it is believed that it can make him feel calmer, safer, and more comfortable, and can even make babies sleep better.

If you are still in doubt and have questions about swaddling a baby or crooked legs in a baby, consult a doctor for the best advice, OK.

Besides that, you also need to check your little one to the doctor if the crooked legs he experiences persist until he is over 3 years old, looks more crooked, or has made it difficult for him to move.

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