Bun, This is Baby Food Choices When Traveling

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Bun, This is Baby Food Choices When Traveling
Bun, This is Baby Food Choices When Traveling

Baby food supplies during the Lebaran homecoming trip must be prepared properly, Bun. In addition to so that Mother will not be bothered later, this also aims to ensure that the nutritional needs of the Little One are still fulfilled. Come on, find out what baby food choices are suitable to take when going home

Many things need to be prepared when traveling with a baby, from clothes, diapers, formula milk, milk bottles, medicines, to toys. If the baby is more than 6 months old, packing snacks and food and eating utensils should also not be forgotten.

Bun, this is the choice of baby food when traveling back and forth - Alodokter
Bun, this is the choice of baby food when traveling back and forth - Alodokter

Baby Foods that are Suitable for Bringing Back Home Trips

If your little one is less than 6 months old and still receiving exclusive breastfeeding, you certainly don't need to prepare other foods, other than expressed breast milk and bottle milk. If you want to be more practical, you can breastfeed your little one directly from the breast during the homecoming trip.

However, it's different if your little one is more than 6 months old and has started consuming solid food. Mother already has to choose the type of food that needs to be brought. The choice of complementary foods that can be taken as provisions on a homecoming trip can be in the form of instant food or homemade food.

Mothers should choose a food menu that is practical, but still contains a balanced nutritional value. It is also recommended that the type of food does not melt easily, such as ice cream.

Besides, better food is not a new type of food for your little one. It is feared that the little one does not like it and is reluctant to eat or an allergic reaction occurs.

Well, here are the baby food choices that you can take with you on your homecoming trip:

1. Cereal

Instant cereal can be a practical choice as baby food supplies when going home. There are a variety of cereal flavors that you can adjust to your little one's preferences. In addition to packaged cereals, you can also make your own cereal at home, which is certainly he althier.

The trick, wash rice, wheat, yeast, and green beans until clean. Dry these ingredients in direct sunlight. After drying, bake all ingredients in the oven or microwave, then grind with a blender until smooth. This cereal powder can be stored in an airtight container.

In serving instant or homemade cereal, simply mix it with breast milk, formula, or warm or cold water.

2. Fruit or vegetable puree

Homemade fruit or vegetable purees can be taken with you when traveling, but they don't last long. So, this type of food should be consumed by your little one on the same day as it is made, huh.

Make sure these foodstuffs are stored in airtight containers so they are not contaminated by bacteria. For added nutritional value and taste, fruit or vegetable puree can be eaten with pasta.

If the homecoming trip takes days, you should prepare instant puree that is sold in the market. Choose instant purees made from organic ingredients and without added MSG and artificial sweeteners.

3. Fruit cut

Besides making puree, if your little one can eat more solid food, you can bring pieces of fruit. Choose the type of fruit that your little one likes so that he can eat voraciously and make sure you keep this piece of fruit in a tightly closed container.

4. Boiled egg

Eating boiled eggs can be a source of energy for your little one during the homecoming trip. Moreover, eggs also store a variety of nutrients that can support their growth and development.

When going to bring it for homecoming, make sure the eggs are boiled until they are perfectly cooked to prevent bacterial contamination that can cause food poisoning.

5. Wheat Biscuits

Wheat biscuits are suitable to be taken as a snack for homecoming trips because they are practical, durable, and he althy. Apart from being a source of energy, whole wheat biscuits are rich in fiber which can prevent your little one from being constipated. Consumption of these snacks also helps meet your little one's daily vitamin and mineral needs.

That's a choice of food that can be used as a complementary food menu when traveling, including on homecoming trips. With maximum preparation, feeding babies in the middle of a homecoming trip can be easier and more fun, really.

The most important thing is to make sure your little one and mother are in good he alth when they want to go back and forth to their hometown. If you still have questions regarding the right food to take on a trip or want to make sure your little one is ready to go back and forth, consult a doctor.