Tricks for Breastfeeding When Traveling Home Without Hassle

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Tricks for Breastfeeding When Traveling Home Without Hassle
Tricks for Breastfeeding When Traveling Home Without Hassle

Doing a Lebaran homecoming trip with a baby who is still being breastfed is not as difficult as imagined, really. Breastfeeding on the go can actually feel comfortable and enjoyable as long as Busui prepares carefully and applies the right tricks

When traveling with a baby, breastfeeding directly from the breast is preferable to giving expressed breast milk or formula from a bottle. Apart from practical reasons, breastfeeding from the breast is considered more hygienic and can be done at any time.

Breastfeeding Tricks During Homecoming Travel Hassle-Free - Alodokter
Breastfeeding Tricks During Homecoming Travel Hassle-Free - Alodokter

Even so, breastfeeding in public has its own challenges. Not a few mothers are confused in determining a comfortable position for breastfeeding and feel afraid if seen by others. To overcome this, there are some breastfeeding tips on the way that Busui can apply.

Tips for Breastfeeding During Homecoming

In order to be able to breastfeed safely and comfortably during the homecoming trip, let's apply the following tips:

1. Practice breastfeeding in front of the mirror

Breastfeeding in public is certainly not as comfortable as at home. So, it's best if you practice breastfeeding in front of a mirror before traveling home.

Exercise with the help of a mirror will help Busui to know which body parts should be covered, thereby reducing the awkwardness and attention of others while breastfeeding your little one in public. This exercise will also help Busui find a more comfortable breastfeeding position.

2. Prepare nursing apron

Nursing apron can be used to cover the chest area when breastfeeding. This cloth is usually equipped with an adjustable neck strap, so it can be adjusted to the breastfeeding position but still provides comfort for the little one.

Currently, there are even many nursing aprons available in the form of a scarf that Busui can use as a scarf. So, in addition to providing privacy when breastfeeding your little one in public, Busui can still look trendy.

In addition to breastfeeding aprons, baby blankets, jackets, and slings can also be used by Busui to cover the little one who is breastfeeding.

3. Wear proper clothes

Clothes that are too tight, unbuttoned, and models of jumpsuits, and bras with underwires can make breastfeeding difficult. So, avoid these types of clothes when you want to go home with your little one, okay.

Better, wear clothes that are breastfeeding-friendly, which are made from cool, absorb sweat, loose, and equipped with zippers or buttons on the chest for easy opening and closing.

In addition, Busui is also advised to wear a special nursing bra to facilitate breastfeeding as well as being nursing pads to prevent milk from leaking into clothes.

4. Find a comfortable room for breastfeeding

When Busui goes home by public transportation, find out if there is a special room for breastfeeding (nursery room) at the airport, station or terminal. So, before traveling, Busui can breastfeed the little one comfortably in the room.

Meanwhile, if Busui is going home using a private vehicle, plan to stop at places that if you have a suitable room and can be used for breastfeeding.

Avoid breastfeeding in public toilets, because public toilets can be unhygienic even though they look clean and the atmosphere of the toilet is certainly not comfortable for Busui or the Little One.

5. Choose a comfortable seat

The position of the seat can also affect the comfort of breastfeeding, you know. If Busui goes with a companion by public transportation, choose a seat near the window. That way, the breastfeeding process can be closed and will provide more privacy during the trip.

However, if Busui goes alone with the Little One, a seat near the aisle will make it easier for Busui to get up from the chair or ask for help from the staff on duty when he wants to breastfeed the Little One.

Apply the tips above so that Busui can breastfeed safely and comfortably during the homecoming trip. However, if you still feel anxious or the situation doesn't allow you to breastfeed, Busui can prepare expressed breast milk stored in a cooler bag or give your little one formula milk.

If Busui still has questions regarding breastfeeding tips when traveling back and forth, try consulting a doctor. In addition, check your little one's he alth condition to the doctor to make sure that he is he althy enough to travel home.