5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking and its Characteristics

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5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking and its Characteristics
5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking and its Characteristics

Overthinking is not only tiring, but can also interfere with daily activities. In order not to drag on, there are ways to overcome overthinking that you can try to do. That way, your activities throughout the day are not disturbed and your mental he alth is maintained

Overthinking is actually a common occurrence and can be experienced by anyone. People with this mindset often think about things excessively and are usually triggered by anxiety or insecurity.

5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking and its Symptoms - Alodokter
5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking and its Symptoms - Alodokter

People who are overthinking will definitely continue to feel worried because they are always thinking to find answers to all the questions they are thinking about. In fact, conditions like this can increase the risk of developing mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders.

Characteristics of Experiencing Overthinking

As previously explained, overthinking is a condition that can happen to anyone and is usually not realized by the sufferer. Well, here are the characteristics of overthinking:

Thinking over and over and over again

One of the characteristics of overthinking is overthinking things over and over again. In fact, this can make it difficult to concentrate and difficult to focus on activities.

Spending a lot of time thinking about unimportant things

Thinking about problems or mistakes is actually okay, because often this can help you to find ways to solve problems and become better.

However, the mind of someone who is overthinking doesn't actually lead to solving the problem, but tends to focus on the causes of the problem and assumptions if you don't do it, even the embarrassing consequences that don't necessarily happen.

Having trouble sleeping

Overthinking can cause you to have trouble sleeping every night, because you think about everything and become worried. In fact, lack of sleep can trigger various he alth problems, both physical and mental.

In addition to the characteristics of overthinking above, someone with overthinking is also usually difficult or afraid to make decisions, because they often think about mistakes or the consequences that can arise afterward.

How to Overcome Overthinking

Overthinking is a condition that should not be allowed to drag on because it can have a negative impact on mental he alth. Therefore, if various characteristics and signs of overthinking appear, you can try to overcome them with the following steps:

1. Trying to find out the trigger

The most important way to overcome overthinking is to find out the trigger. After knowing the trigger, you can start looking for solutions to solve the problem of what is making you overthinking.

If you find it difficult to determine the trigger and the solution, don't hesitate to ask for help from family, closest friends, or even a psychologist.

2. Give a time limit before making a decision

A person who is overthinking will find it difficult when faced with conditions that require him to make decisions. This is because the person does not want to take the wrong step.

To overcome this, you can give a time limit for making decisions so that you don't continue to linger in these thoughts.

In addition, to keep your mind focused, you can make a priority list of the solutions you want to take. You can sort them according to the amount of benefits that can be taken.

3. Looking for diversion

Once you know your triggers and determine how to solve them, you can start looking for other fun activities. This is so that the brain does not focus too much on the trigger for overthinking.

In addition, you can also do meditation to clear your mind. The trick, you have to be in a quiet and comfortable place, then make sure your body is relaxed and start holding your breath while thinking about positive things.

4. Embracing fear

Surely there will be some things that are always out of your control. Learning to accept the risks that will occur later can really help you to limit excessive thoughts. So, don't be afraid to face bad things that can happen, okay.

5. Accept failure

In addition, overthinking people often think that they are wrong when they fail. In fact, this can actually trigger stress.

Instead of regretting the things that have happened, you better think ahead to be better and take this failure as a lesson.

Overthinking certainly won't just go away, you can keep repeating how to overcome overthinking above so you can avoid this condition. In addition, don't forget to continue to be grateful so that it can help your mind to continue to think positively.

If these methods have been applied but you are still experiencing overthinking, try to consult a psychologist to get the right solution to overcome the habit.