Sleep Tips While Traveling to be Safe and Comfortable

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Sleep Tips While Traveling to be Safe and Comfortable
Sleep Tips While Traveling to be Safe and Comfortable

Not everyone can sleep well when traveling home. This is because during the trip there may be feelings of anxiety or discomfort with the difference in time and changes in atmosphere. So that you can sleep comfortably and safely throughout the trip, let's look at the tips in this article

For some people, going home and doing activities, especially when they are fasting, may feel very tiring. Of course this will bring up the desire to be able to sleep comfortably when resting on the trip, so that you stay fit and fresh when you get back to your hometown.

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Tips for Comfortable Sleeping During Homecoming

In addition to being uncomfortable with time differences or changes in atmosphere, one of the factors that can also make you unable to sleep comfortably when going home is your sleeping position.

During the trip, your sleeping position is certainly not as free as when you are at home. For example, if you go home by bus or train, maybe you can only sleep in a sitting position.

Sleeping while sitting is actually quite safe, but it does need special tricks to be able to sleep sitting comfortably and soundly. Well, here's how to sleep while sitting comfortably along with tips for sleeping while traveling back and forth that you can apply:

1. Wear comfortable clothes

The homecoming trip takes a long time. So, you have to be smart in choosing the clothes to wear. Avoid clothes that are tight and made of heat and don't absorb sweat, such as denim, nylon, or polyester.

Better, use loose clothing and comfortable, soft, and light materials, such as cotton. Don't forget to also bring a jacket or small blanket just in case you don't get cold. If necessary, wear socks so that your body is warmer, so you can sleep more quickly and soundly.

2. Use a small pillow or neck pillow

When sleeping in an upright sitting position, it is possible that the neck will bend to the right and left. This position can cause neck and shoulder pain. In addition, sleeping while sitting can make your body slump down which eventually triggers aches and pains in the back and waist.

To solve this problem, bring 2 small pillows to support your back and to wrap around your neck. This pillow will make sleeping more relaxed without neck or back pain.

3. Use blindfolds and earplugs

Exposure to light from street lights can also inhibit the release of the hormone melatonin in the body, making it more difficult for you to sleep. Street noise can also disturb your sleep comfort.

So, bring blindfolds and earplugs or headphones when traveling back and forth. That way, you can fall asleep faster and sleep comfortably.

4. Avoid using gadgets for too long

Playing games on your cellphone or doing work on your laptop can indeed be a powerful way to kill boredom while traveling. However, like the light from a street lamp, the blue light from gadgets can also affect the release of melatonin.

Therefore, you are advised not to stare at the screen of your cellphone or laptop for too long while on the road trip so that your sleep time is not disturbed.

5. Position the body correctly

Sleeping in a chair for long periods of time without regular movement or mobilization can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This condition can endanger he alth, and can even lead to death.

To prevent this, sleeping while sitting should be in a comfortable position. Lower the seat back at least 40°. If it is not possible to lower the back of the chair, you should move your legs often or do leg stretches.

6. Apply he althy eating and drinking patterns

Make sure to always consume balanced nutritious food during sahur and iftar, so that the body stays fit and fit during the homecoming trip. In addition, drink lots of water so that your daily fluid needs are met and avoid dehydration during fasting.

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and limit drinking caffeinated beverages, such as coffee or tea. The reason is, these two drinks can make you awake and have trouble sleeping while on the go.

Well, that's the way you can do to get quality sleep while on a homecoming trip. That way, you can have a he althy homecoming trip and can enjoy every moment of the warmth of Eid with your family back home.

If before traveling back and forth you have trouble sleeping, you should first consult with your doctor. The doctor will provide treatment and advice on how to improve the quality of sleep according to your condition, so you can go home comfortably and refreshed.

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