Aches when traveling back and forth can be overcome this way

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Aches when traveling back and forth can be overcome this way
Aches when traveling back and forth can be overcome this way

Traveling back and forth for Eid for a long time is prone to triggering aches. These complaints can appear in any part of the body, especially the neck, back, waist, arms, and knees. If you feel sore during your homecoming trip, immediately deal with it this way, let's

Body aches when traveling back and forth can occur because the muscles don't get enough blood flow and stiff joints due to sitting too long, moving a little, or supporting a bag that's too heavy. This complaint is quite common among travelers.

Aches during a homecoming trip can be overcome this way - Alodokter
Aches during a homecoming trip can be overcome this way - Alodokter

Aches of course cause discomfort and make it difficult for you to rest during the trip. As a result, when you arrive at your hometown, your body can feel unfit.

How to Overcome Aches When Traveling Homecoming

There are some simple things you can do to get rid of aches and pains when traveling back and forth, namely:

1. Change sitting position

A sitting position that is too upright, bent over, or resting on one side of the shoulder and bent knee can make your muscles stiff and feel sore. If it's like this, you should change your sitting position.

Lower the back of the chair according to the comfort of your back, at least up to 40°. Straighten your legs and use a neck pillow or small pillow to support your waist so you can sit comfortably. This position is also considered safe if you want to sleep sitting up.

In addition, you are advised not to support heavy bags on your thighs. Put the bag in the trunk or luggage storage area provided by the transportation service provider.

2. Do some light stretching

To reduce soreness during the trip, you can do light stretching in your seat. Some stretching movements that you can do, namely:

  • Gently turn the neck up and down alternately. This movement can reduce tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • Sit up straight and bring your feet together, inhale, then turn your body to face the right side and vice versa. Make sure your shoulders are aligned. This movement serves to stretch the spine and improve blood circulation.
  • Rotate your shoulders back and forth a few times. This movement can relax the muscles of the shoulders and arms.

If you go back and forth by car or bus that has time to stop from the trip, take this moment to take a walk around the stop, so that the soreness in your legs subsides.

3. Give massage

You can massage yourself to deal with aches during the homecoming trip. The trick, press firmly with your fingers the body part that feels sore. Then, move your fingers gently by twisting and repeating in the opposite direction. You can do this massage for 3-5 minutes.

In addition to relieving aches and pains, giving massage can also help relieve stress due to traffic jams and anxiety about road safety.

4. Warm compress

Warm compresses will help improve blood flow throughout the body, so that previously stiff muscles and joints can relax more. You can take advantage of a towel that has been soaked in warm water or a drinking bottle filled with warm water, then place the compress on the body part that feels sore.

To get hot water in the middle of a homecoming trip by plane or train, you can ask the staff in charge of serving passengers for help. Meanwhile, if you go home by car or bus, you can get hot water at the rest stop.

5. Apply rheumatic pain cream

Aches and pains cream can help relieve inflammation and aches temporarily in the middle of a homecoming trip. The only way is to apply the cream to the body part that feels sore. Don't forget to wash your hands after using it, okay.

If the soreness doesn't go away, you can take pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. However, make sure to take the medicine according to the instructions for use listed on the package or as recommended by the doctor.

Aches when traveling home can actually be prevented, you know. Before going home, you should exercise regularly so that the muscles of the body are not stiff. Also make sure to always eat a balanced nutritious diet and drink enough water to stay hydrated. That way, the body will stay fit during the trip.

Don't forget to also take the time on the trip to sleep. With enough sleep, soreness can also be reduced and the mood can be more awake.

If the aches and pains during the homecoming trip don't go away after a few days, especially until symptoms of rash, swelling, and unbearable pain appear in areas of the body that feel sore, you should immediately consult a doctor for treatment.