These are signs that breastfeeding mothers are prohibited from fasting

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These are signs that breastfeeding mothers are prohibited from fasting
These are signs that breastfeeding mothers are prohibited from fasting

In general, breastfeeding mothers are allowed to fast, especially if the baby is more than 6 months old. However, under certain conditions, it is possible that breastfeeding mothers are advised not to fast. To find out what are the signs that breastfeeding mothers are prohibited from fasting, read here, Busui

Fasting will indeed change your eating pattern. However, according to research, it does not really affect the amount and quality of breast milk. The reason is, during fasting, the body will burn fat reserves, so that Busui remains energized and milk production remains smooth.

These are signs that breastfeeding mothers are prohibited from fasting - Alodokter

However, if fasting while breastfeeding is not accompanied by proper daily fluid needs, Busui has the potential to become dehydrated. In severe cases, dehydration can make Busui's body unable to function normally, including in producing breast milk.

Signs of a Breastfeeding Mother Prohibited from Fasting

Breastfeeding mothers who are dehydrated are strongly discouraged from fasting. Well, below are some symptoms of severe dehydration that can also be a sign that breastfeeding mothers are prohibited from fasting:

1. Excessive thirst

Feeling thirsty while fasting, especially while breastfeeding, is certainly a natural thing. However, if the thirst that Busui feels is excessive, especially if it makes the throat feel very dry, this should not be underestimated.

Excessive thirst is one of the symptoms of severe dehydration that needs to be watched out for. When experiencing these symptoms, Busui is allowed to immediately break the fast.

2. Urine is very dark in color

Normally, if the daily fluid needs are fulfilled, the urine will be clear or pale yellow in color. Meanwhile, when fasting, dark yellow urine is still considered normal, because fluid intake into the body is temporarily reduced.

However, if when fasting Busui's urine looks very dark or even does not urinate at all, this can be a sign that Busui is severely dehydrated.

3. Severe headache

Feeling a great headache while fasting while breastfeeding is also worth paying attention to as a sign of severe dehydration. Not infrequently, severe headaches due to dehydration are also accompanied by symptoms of decreased concentration, the body feels weak and lacks energy.

4. Mouth, lips and eyes feel dry

Fasting while breastfeeding can also cause dry mouth, lips and eyes. If Busui experiences it, especially if it is accompanied by the signs previously mentioned, you should not force it to fast. The reason is, this is also a sign of dehydration.

When Busui experiences the symptoms of severe dehydration mentioned above, Busui is recommended to immediately break the fast by drinking water. If possible, add a little sugar or s alt to your drinking water to help restore energy.

After that, rest until the body feels better. If after half an hour of canceling Busui's fast, you still feel unwell, you should immediately contact your doctor to get further treatment.

Tips for He althy Fasting for Breastfeeding Mothers

So that Busui fasting can run smoothly and avoid the risk of dehydration, Busui can apply some of the tips below:

  • Make sure your daily fluid needs are met by drinking lots of water and eating foods that contain lots of water, such as vegetables and fruits, from iftar to sahur.
  • Consumption of balanced nutritious food at suhoor and iftar time.
  • Avoid doing strenuous activities while fasting. Instead, get more rest.
  • Avoid doing too much outdoor activity while fasting, especially if the weather is hot.

Besides that, before deciding to fast while breastfeeding, Busui also consults a doctor first. That way, the doctor can give advice according to the condition of Busui and the Little One.

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