5 Kinds of Natural Toothache Medicine for Children

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5 Kinds of Natural Toothache Medicine for Children
5 Kinds of Natural Toothache Medicine for Children

Unlike adults, children should not be given any toothache medicine. Therefore, you need to know what toothache remedies for children are natural and safe for consumption, as first aid to relieve the various symptoms of toothache that he is experiencing

Toothache in children is quite common and is usually caused by cavities. However, toothache in children can also be caused by various other conditions, such as impacted teeth and cracked teeth.

5 Kinds of Natural Toothache Medicine for Children - Alodokter

Generally, the symptoms of toothache in children include tooth pain and throbbing, swelling of the gums around the aching tooth, fever and headache. The pain felt by the child may worsen when he eats food and drinks that are too hot or cold.

Natural Toothache Medicine for Children

As a parent, you will certainly feel worried if your little one is fussy, has difficulty eating, or even immediately complains of toothache. Especially if the toothache he is experiencing is accompanied by other symptoms, such as headaches and fever.

As first aid to relieve toothache felt by your little one, there are several natural toothache remedies for children that you can give, including:

1. S alt water

S alt has long been known as a natural antiseptic to kill bacteria, including bacteria that cause infections and toothaches in children. S alt is even able to reduce inflammation as well as get rid of food debris and dirt that is left between the child's teeth.

To get the benefits of this s alt, you can mix teaspoon of s alt into a glass of warm water. Then, ask your little one to gargle using the s alt water.

Although useful, the use of s alt water to relieve toothache in children is only recommended if the Little One is over 6 years old. At this age, he is considered to be able to rinse his mouth well.

2. Ice cube

If your little one has a toothache that causes swelling of his cheeks, you can try using ice cubes to relieve the swelling and pain he is experiencing.

How to use this toothache medicine for children is to wrap ice cubes with a soft cloth, then place it on the child's cheek for 20 minutes or until the toothache he is experiencing gets better.

3. Garlic

Often used as a basic spice in various dishes, garlic also has a myriad of he alth benefits. One of them is as a natural toothache medicine for children.

You can use garlic as a toothache medicine for children by grinding it first. Then, apply the garlic on the tooth or gums of your child who is sick using a cotton bud or a clean finger.

4. Clove Oil

The next natural ingredient that you can use to relieve toothache in children is clove oil. This oil is believed to have a similar effect to benzocaine, which is a painkiller that is often found in toothache relief gels in pharmacies.

To use it, you can directly apply clove oil using a cotton bud to the tooth or gums of your little one that feels sore.

5. Peppermint tea

Not only does it relieve pain due to toothache, peppermint tea bags can also relieve symptoms of sensitive teeth. The trick, chill the peppermint tea bag that you have brewed or use in the refrigerator. Then, stick the tea bag to the part of the child's tooth that hurts.

In addition to using the natural toothache medicine for children above, you are also advised to help your little one brush their teeth at least every 2 days, not to give him food that is too hard, hot, and cold, and to avoid giving sweet foods that can make it worse. symptoms of toothache that he experienced.

However, if the symptoms of toothache experienced by your little one don't go away or get worse even though you have tried various natural toothache remedies for children above, take your little one to the dentist for further treatment.

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