Suhoor Menu for Children to be Strong in Fasting

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Suhoor Menu for Children to be Strong in Fasting
Suhoor Menu for Children to be Strong in Fasting

Serving an interesting and he althy sahur meal menu can be a way to encourage children so that they are strong in fasting. That way, not only will his fast run smoothly, he can also get the maximum benefits of fasting

When fasting, eating sahur is an important thing that can help children to fast for a full day. Skipping suhoor or giving your child a menu for lunch carelessly, can certainly make him feel weak, unmotivated, and not infrequently can even interfere with his he alth.

Sahur Eating Menu for Children to be Strong in Fasting - Alodokter
Sahur Eating Menu for Children to be Strong in Fasting - Alodokter

Suhoor Menu Options for Children

Suhoor menu for children that is recommended is food that contains complex carbohydrates, protein, he althy fats, vitamins, and minerals. He althy food choices that you can serve to your little one include:

1. Oatmeal and whole wheat bread

Wheat bread is a form of processed wheat that can be a choice for children's breakfast menus. Apart from being in the form of bread, wheat can also be processed into oatmeal.

These two types of food are sources of complex carbohydrates that are suitable for children to eat at dawn. Moreover, whole wheat bread and oatmeal are also rich in other nutrients, such as fiber, protein, B vitamins, folic acid, iron, and potassium, which can help your little one stay fit during fasting.

To make it more interesting, whole wheat bread can be made into sandwiches filled with vegetables and fruit or spread with your little one's favorite jam, such as peanut butter or strawberry jam. Meanwhile, oatmeal can be served with low-fat milk or a mixture of sliced fruit, so it tastes fresher and more he althy.

2. Egg

Eggs are rich in protein that can maintain and regenerate cells and body tissues. In addition, eggs also contain calories, fat, iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotene, which can help meet the daily nutritional needs of children, especially during fasting.

To serve it to your little one, Mother can process eggs by boiling or frying them into sunny side up eggs and omelette.

3. Carrot

Carrots are not only rich in vitamin A which is good for eye he alth, you know, Bun. This one food also contains a variety of other nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin K, potassium, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

To serve carrots as your little one's breakfast menu, Mother can process them into various types of dishes, from soups to salad mixes.

4. Banana

Bananas are high in fiber which can maintain your little one's digestive he alth and prevent them from experiencing constipation while fasting. Besides being eaten directly, to make it more attractive to your little one, Mother can also process bananas by baking and then adding a sprinkling of cheese on top.

5. Meat and fish

Meat and fish can also be a choice of he althy side dishes for your little one's sahur menu. Choose lean beef or chicken as a source of protein that can supply your little one with energy during fasting. For fish, sardines, tuna, and salmon are ideal choices.

To be he althier, you should process meat and fish by roasting. Serve this side dish along with brown rice and various boiled vegetables to increase its nutritional value.

Mother, in addition to the types of food above, also combine a variety of other fruits and vegetables so that your little one doesn't get bored. Don't forget to invite your little one to exercise, remind him to drink lots of water, and make sure he gets enough sleep.

By applying a he althy fasting pattern, your little one can still play actively every day even though they are fasting and their growth and development will not be disturbed. Your little one can get the maximum benefits of fasting.

However, if you are hesitant to give the foods above or still have questions regarding the right food to serve to your child at dawn or iftar, you can consult with your doctor further.