Know 12 He althy Family Indicators According to the Indonesian Ministry of He alth

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Know 12 He althy Family Indicators According to the Indonesian Ministry of He alth
Know 12 He althy Family Indicators According to the Indonesian Ministry of He alth

A he althy family is the key to a bright nation's successor. That is why the Ministry of He alth of the Republic of Indonesia has set 12 indicators of a he althy family. Has your family fulfilled it?

A he althy family is a family in which every member is in a prosperous condition, both physically and mentally, so that they can live normally socially and economically among other communities. To achieve he althy family standards, of course there are conditions that must be met first.

Recognize 12 He althy Family Indicators According to the Indonesian Ministry of He alth - Alodokter
Recognize 12 He althy Family Indicators According to the Indonesian Ministry of He alth - Alodokter

12 He althy Family Indicators According to the Indonesian Ministry of He alth

There are several aspects that need to be considered to achieve a he althy family, including maternal and child he alth, communicable and non-communicable disease conditions, home and surrounding environment, mental he alth, and lifestyle.

The Indonesian Ministry of He alth breaks down these aspects into 12 indicators of a he althy family. Here is the explanation:

1. The family joins the Family Planning (KB) program

Not only limiting the number of children in the family, the family planning program also aims to ensure that every child gets enough breast milk and optimal parenting so that they can become he althy and intelligent children.

In addition, family planning programs can also reduce the risk of maternal and infant mortality and prevent unplanned pregnancies, so as to maintain family welfare.

2. Mother gives birth at a he alth facility

Sufficient he alth facilities will support a safe delivery process and minimize the risk of pregnancy complications. After giving birth, the mother will also have a place to check on her he alth and that of her baby on a regular basis. That way, the safety and he alth of mothers and children will be more guaranteed.

3. Baby gets complete basic immunization

Immunization of children is very important to prevent diseases that can be fatal, such as polio, measles, and diphtheria. To get mandatory immunization, you can take your child to the posyandu, he alth center, hospital, or other medical facilities that provide it.

4. Babies get exclusive breast milk (ASI)

The superiority of breast milk (ASI) as a source of baby nutrition is no longer in doubt. Breast milk can protect babies from various diseases and support optimal body and brain development, so that they grow into he althy and intelligent children. That is why exclusive breastfeeding plays a big role in forming a he althy family.

5. Toddlers get growth monitoring

The baby's weight needs to be weighed every month, from birth to the age of 5 years. This is important to ensure that the growth and development of the child is in accordance with his age, and to detect early if there is a disturbance in his growth.

6. Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis receive treatment according to standards

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that can reduce the quality of life of a person and his family. Tuberculosis that is not treated properly is at risk of causing severe lung damage and transmission to those closest to you.

Therefore, if there are family members who experience symptoms of tuberculosis, immediately take them to the doctor for treatment.

7. Patients with hypertension take regular treatment

Hypertension is a chronic disease that is often overlooked because it often has no symptoms. Even so, the impact that occurs due to hypertension can be fatal, ranging from heart attacks to strokes.

Therefore, if there is a family member who suffers from hypertension, remind him to always adopt a he althy lifestyle, take medication regularly according to doctor's recommendations, and carry out regular check-ups.

8. People with mental disorders get treatment and are not neglected

Mental disorders can not only significantly reduce the quality of life of the sufferer, but also the sufferer's family. However, in fact this can be prevented if handled properly and as early as possible.

If there are family members who have signs of mental disorders, such as changes in emotions or behavior, accompany and invite them to go to a psychiatrist to get the right treatment.

9. No family members smoke

We all know that cigarette smoke contains many toxic substances for the body. Even if only one person smokes in the house, the smoke can be inhaled by other family members and make them passive smokers.

You need to understand that being a passive smoker is as dangerous as being an active smoker. So, if someone in your family smokes, persuade and help him to stop. If he can't, remind him to smoke outside the house.

10. The family is already a member of the National He alth Insurance (JKN)

By becoming a member of the JKN program organized by BPJS Kesehatan, all family members can get he alth services. The family's financial condition can be maintained even though they are in need of medical expenses.

11. Families have access to clean water

Clean water is very important to maintain the he alth of the family from various infectious diseases. To make this happen, make sure the water source you use at home is not flooded or polluted with various dirt and pollutants.

12. Families have access to or use he althy latrines

Having access to proper sanitation and he althy latrines is also an important indicator in realizing a he althy family. This is important to prevent infectious diseases caused by open defecation, such as typhus, intestinal worms, diarrhea, or dysentery.

To create a he althy family is not easy. However, think about the long-term effects. By fulfilling the indicators above, the quality of life for you and your family will be maintained, even for the next generation.

You need to know that the he althy family program is also part of the puskesmas program. So you can ask for help from your local he alth center doctor if you have difficulty fulfilling the indicators above.