Prevent Heat During Fasting This Way

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Prevent Heat During Fasting This Way
Prevent Heat During Fasting This Way

Experiencing heat during fasting can certainly interfere with the comfort of fasting. Plus this condition can also cause pain when eating, drinking, or just swallowing saliva. In order not to experience it, you need to take precautions in the right way

Many think that internal heat is a disease. In fact, this complaint is just a collection of symptoms that arise due to a disease in the throat. Heartburn often appears with accompanying symptoms, such as pain when swallowing or speaking, discomfort and itching in the throat, chapped lips, and dry throat.

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5 Ways to Prevent Heat During Fasting

To make your fasting smoother and more comfortable, let's follow some of the ways to prevent heat during fasting:

1. Consumption of fruits and vegetables

Inner heat can be an early sign that you are experiencing an infection caused by a virus or bacteria. Usually, germs can easily enter the body when the immune system decreases.

To strengthen the immune system while preventing internal heat, you need to eat fruits and vegetables while fasting. This is because fruits and vegetables contain nutrients, such as zinc, vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants, which are known to improve the work of the immune system.

2. Drink more water

When fasting, the body is prone to dehydration. In fact, a hydrated body is one way that can make you avoid internal heat.

In addition, the fluid needs that are met will also help moisturize the throat, clear the mucous membranes in the throat, reduce the risk of infection, and reduce the symptoms of a dry throat when you experience heartburn.

So that your fluid needs during fasting are fulfilled, you are recommended to drink 2 glasses of water when breaking the fast, 4 glasses before going to bed, and 2 glasses at dawn.

3. Stay away from spicy food

To prevent heat during fasting, you also need to stay away from spicy food. The reason is, these foods can irritate and cause discomfort in the throat.

If you really like to eat spicy food, it's a good idea to limit the amount, OK? Besides being able to make your throat uncomfortable, consuming spicy food often can also cause diarrhea and stomach pain.

4. Wash your hands often

Germs that cause sore throat that can cause heartburn can be found anywhere.Therefore, it is important to diligently wash your hands with soap and running water. This method can eliminate bacteria and viruses on the hands that can increase the risk of internal heat.

If you have trouble finding a water source to wash your hands, you can really wash your hands using a hand sanitizer.

Don't forget to also regularly clean and spray disinfectant on objects that you use frequently, such as mobile phones, computer keyboards and mice, or television remotes.

5. Get enough rest

In addition to being able to keep you energized during fasting, adequate rest can also increase endurance, so you are not susceptible to disease, including diseases that can cause heartburn.

In order to get enough rest, you need to sleep early and avoid staying up late. If you want a more sound and quality sleep, you can use a humidifier with a few drops of essential oil added.Also, if possible, also take about 20 minutes to take a nap.

Preventing heat during fasting is not a difficult thing to do. If you apply the tips above consistently, the risk of heartburn and other he alth problems can be reduced.

However, if after doing the above method, the heat during fasting that you experience does not improve, especially if it causes pain, discomfort in the throat, or difficulty swallowing and breathing, you should immediately consult a doctor to get correct solution.

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