Revealing the Benefits and How to Whiten the Face with Betel Leaf

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Revealing the Benefits and How to Whiten the Face with Betel Leaf
Revealing the Benefits and How to Whiten the Face with Betel Leaf

In addition to using skin lightening creams, many people choose to whiten their skin naturally. One of the natural ways to whiten the face is to use betel leaf. You can see the benefits of betel leaf for skin and how to whiten your face with betel leaf in this article

So far, betel leaf (Piper betle) is already known for its various he alth benefits. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of betel leaf make it used to treat bad breath, dental and gum problems, and as a vaginal cleanser.

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Betel Leaf Benefits for Skin

The benefits of betel leaf for the skin may not be widely known compared to the benefits mentioned above. Leaves that have a distinctive taste and aroma have benefits in maintaining skin he alth and beauty, including:

Accelerate wound healing

One of the proven benefits of betel leaf for skin is that it accelerates wound healing, especially for burns and cuts. Research reveals that betel leaf extract can accelerate the growth of new cells or tissues that play a role in the wound healing process.

Brighten skin

Other research says that face creams containing betel leaf can brighten the face on hyperpigmented skin. Examples are people who have spots, melasma, and solar lentigo.

Research also found that creams containing betel leaf can reduce the production of melamine (skin pigment), make the skin more supple, and he althier.

These benefits can be felt thanks to the content of hydroxychavicol, which is a unique component obtained from betel leaf extraction. Hydroxychavicol has antioxidant properties that can increase skin elasticity and brighten the skin.

Overcoming acne

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, betel leaf is known to inhibit the growth of acne caused by bacteria. To get this benefit, the researchers used a cream containing 15% betel leaf extract.

How to Whiten Face with Betel Leaf

Although it has been proven to have a brightening effect, the research was conducted using betel leaf extract that has been processed into a face cream, not pure betel leaf extract. As an alternative, you can use a simple method, namely by using boiled or ground water.

The first way, boil a few betel leaves, strain, then let stand until cold. Use betel leaf decoction to wash your face or as an astringent.

The next way to whiten your face with betel leaf is to make a betel leaf mask. Mash or puree a few pieces of betel leaf, then mix it with a little water or rose water until it forms a paste.

Apply the betel leaf mask on the face, let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You can also add honey to the mask mixture to make the skin even more moisturized.

There is nothing wrong with applying how to whiten your face with betel leaf. However, you need to know that the benefits of betel leaf to brighten and whiten the face still require more scientific evidence. This is because the existing research is still very limited and carried out on a small scale.

Although the use of betel leaf as a natural ingredient is relatively safe, rinse your face immediately if you experience redness, itching, or other irritating reactions.

Don't hesitate to consult a doctor about safe skin whitening methods or about the benefits of natural ingredients as skin lightening ingredients, including betel leaf.

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