Know What Is a Doctor's Home Visit Service

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Know What Is a Doctor's Home Visit Service
Know What Is a Doctor's Home Visit Service

The doctor's home visit service is a physical examination and some simple blood tests performed by the doctor at the patient's home. This service also aims to evaluate the condition of patients suffering from long-term (chronic) illnesses or in bed rest conditions

Actually, doctor visits to patients' homes have been around for a long time in many countries. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the demand for home doctor visits to increase rapidly.

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Purposes and Indications for Home Doctor Visits

The home doctor visit service aims to reduce the risk of disease transmission. In addition, this service also helps doctors and medical personnel to evaluate the patient's home environment related to diseases or risk factors

Doctor visits to patients' homes are provided for patients with the following conditions:

  • Disabled or disabled
  • Suffering from terminal disease, such as cancer
  • Experiencing so much pain that he couldn't go to the hospital
  • Suffering from a chronic disease that can worsen the condition when going to the hospital
  • Old age

Preparing for Home Doctor's Visit Service

If you plan to get a doctor's visit at home, there are several things that need to be prepared, namely:

  • Record the complaints, symptoms, and signs that need to be informed to the doctor.
  • Prepare the results of blood tests or scans that have been done.
  • Prepare medicines and supplements that you usually take.
  • Ask someone who treats or lives with you to accompany you when the doctor performs the examination.
  • If you want to undergo a blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid test, fast for 8 hours before the doctor's visit.

Doctor's Home Visit Service Procedure

After arriving at the patient's house, the doctor will first ask questions related to the patient's complaints. Next, the doctor will ask the patient to undress and then perform a physical examination from head to toe.

Before the examination, the doctor will wear medical gloves. After that, the doctor will perform the following actions:

  • In checking vital signs, the doctor will check blood pressure, count pulse, and count the patient's breathing.
  • In a head examination, the doctor will examine the patient's hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat.
  • During the neck examination, the doctor will do a palpation to check the lymph nodes and thyroid.
  • In a chest and abdominal examination, the doctor will use a stethoscope to listen for heartbeats, breath sounds, and bowel sounds. The doctor will also feel and gently tap the chest or abdomen if fluid buildup, organ enlargement, or tumors are suspected.
  • In the examination of the hands and feet, the doctor will examine the nails and apply pressure to the calves to assess for edema

If needed, the doctor can test blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol, by taking blood from the fingertips. Generally, blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol test kits are combined in one tool. Therefore, finger pricking is only done once.

The following are the steps taken by the doctor:

  • Turn on the probe and insert the strip
  • Choose the finger to be pricked, but the patient can also choose the finger to be pricked
  • Cleaning the finished tip with an alcohol swab
  • Stab the patient's finger with an awl containing a sterile needle
  • Drip the blood that comes out of the finger onto the strip attached to the tool
  • Pressing the pierced finger with an alcohol swab to stop the bleeding
  • Reading the result of the examination that appears

After Home Doctor Visit Service

After completion, the doctor will inform the patient of the results of the examination and blood test. Next, the doctor will tell the patient what needs to be done and the person caring for him at home. In addition, the doctor will also schedule the next visit service.

If needed, the doctor can refer the patient to the hospital for further examination. Patients are also advised to immediately contact the doctor or the nearest hospital if they experience the following:

  • Worse condition
  • severe pain
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Bleeding on finger after blood test
  • High fever, vomiting and profuse diarrhea

Complications of Home Doctor Visit Service

Doctor's home visit service generally does not cause complications. However, finger pricking in a blood test can cause the following complaints:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Brush
  • Skin infection

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