Here Are The Virgin Chair Facts You Must Know

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Here Are The Virgin Chair Facts You Must Know
Here Are The Virgin Chair Facts You Must Know

Virginity chair is said to be able to restore virginity. However, don't be lulled by information that has not been confirmed. Check out the explanation about the virginity chair or Emsella chair below

Many people think that virginity should be respected for reasons of norms and morals. As a result, issues related to virginity can become sensitive issues in society.

These are the facts about the chair of virginity that you must know - Alodokter

It has been proven that an artificial hymen, which is believed to restore virginity, has become a hot topic in recent years.After this issue subsided and the facts were revealed, now there is another issue regarding the virginity chair or the Emsella chair which is also claimed to be able to restore virginity.

Facts Behind the Chair of Virginity

Those of you who are tempted to buy a virginity chair because you want your virginity to be "returned intact" seem to be disappointed. Because the information is wrong information.

Unlike its name, the virginity chair is actually used to treat urinary incontinence, which is a condition when a person has difficulty holding back urination, even urinating without realizing it

Although it is designed to treat urinary incontinence, this medical device called the Emsella Chair can still provide benefits. This chair is known to tighten the pelvic muscles, because the flow of electromagnetic waves generated can move the pelvic muscles like doing Kegel exercises.

Well, because it can tighten the pelvic floor muscles, the use of a virginity chair is also believed to improve the quality of orgasm. However, it should be noted that this still needs further research.

So, it can be concluded that the chair of virginity still brings benefits, but the benefits are not as a chair to restore virginity.

How to “Restore” Virginity

In Indonesia, virginity is closely related to an intact hymen and will bleed when you first have sex. This information is also not correct. This is because not all women have intact hymen and experience this the first time they have sex.

In addition, the hymen can also be torn easily due to activities other than sexual activity. For example, tearing due to injuries while riding, cycling, using sex aids, to transvaginal ultrasound procedures.

Although from the above explanation it can be concluded that the integrity of the hymen cannot be used as a benchmark for virginity, you can still try to restore the integrity of the hymen. The trick is to do hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty.

Hymenorrhaphy is safer than using a fake hymen. In addition, this procedure also includes plastic surgery so that it is carried out by a plastic surgeon.

Those are the facts behind the virginity chair that you need to know. If you measure your virginity from the integrity of the hymen and intend to restore your "virginity", consult a doctor to find out what action is appropriate and needs to be done.

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