Know 5 Symptoms of Low Blood in Teenagers

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Know 5 Symptoms of Low Blood in Teenagers
Know 5 Symptoms of Low Blood in Teenagers

Low blood is not only experienced by parents, but also by teenagers. Symptoms of low blood pressure in teenagers should not be ignored, because this condition can affect their activities, productivity and quality of life

Know 5 Symptoms of Low Blood in Adolescents - Alodokter

Low blood pressure or known as hypotension can occur for various reasons, which then triggers a drop in blood pressure and is below normal limits.

Hypotension in adolescents is divided into three types, namely nerve-mediated hypotension, orthostatic hypotension, and severe hypotension.

Symptoms of Low Blood in Teenagers

Here are some symptoms of low blood pressure in teens to watch out for:

1. Dizzy

Dizziness can be interpreted as a sensation as if a person feels that his surroundings or himself are spinning or moving, which is accompanied by a feeling of weakness, dizziness, and an unbalanced body. For people with low blood pressure, dizziness is usually accompanied by sweating and feelings of anxiety.

2. Blurred vision

In the human body, blood pressure greatly affects the function of organs, including the eyes. When blood pressure decreases or is not within normal limits, the supply of nutrients and oxygen will also decrease. This can cause blurred vision.

3. Nausea

The decrease in blood pressure can cause a decrease in heart blood flow. This is known to make the heartbeat become irregular, this is what gives rise to the sensation of nausea.

4. Tired easily

When blood pressure decreases, the organs of the body do not receive as much blood flow as they should. This causes the body to become tired easily. This condition makes teenagers with low blood pressure look less enthusiastic, lethargic, and weak.

5. Fainted

When there is a sudden drop in blood pressure, the heart cannot pump blood properly to all organs of the body, including the brain. This lack of blood supply can cause the patient to faint or temporarily lose consciousness.

In addition to the five things above, other symptoms of low blood pressure in adolescents can include difficulty concentrating, not feeling well, and confusion, and even hypotension can also affect a person's cognitive function.

In adolescents who experience extreme hypotension, symptoms may include chills or cold skin, paleness, rapid and short breathing, and a weak pulse.

If you often notice that your teen is experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should consult a doctor further to find out the exact cause of the condition they are experiencing.

Although sometimes harmless, the symptoms of low blood pressure in teenagers can refer to a serious illness. Therefore, don't forget to also pay attention to things related to these symptoms, such as activities carried out before these symptoms appear and things that can reduce complaints.

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