How to Satisfy Your Husband That Wife Must Know

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How to Satisfy Your Husband That Wife Must Know
How to Satisfy Your Husband That Wife Must Know

How to satisfy a husband is important for every wife to know. This is because a he althy and harmonious marriage cannot be separated from the quality and routine of sexual relations that satisfy both parties

Years of marriage may make some married couples trapped in a tasteless sexual relationship. But apart from being he althy. In fact, apart from being he althy, a quality sexual life also plays an important role in fostering and maintaining household harmony.

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Tips and Tricks to Satisfy Your Husband in Bed

There are several simple ways that a wife can do to satisfy her husband, including:

1. Find out what husband wants

Opening a conversation with a sexual topic can be a fun first step to give a signal to your husband. Get rid of shyness and doubt, ask him about what he wants when he is with you.

Don't just talk about the sex position you want, try discussing the sex fantasy too. For example, the fantasy of making love in the style of certain movies or making love in certain places, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Tell him tenderly, you want to make this fantasy come true for the satisfaction and quality of your relationship. Talking about this through sexting is also a good idea, you know, to make him even more excited.

2. Get ready

Pamper her eyes by wearing sexy lingerie, applying light make-up, then spraying a little perfume on some parts of the body that are often the target for her husband to touch and kiss.

3. Take the initiative to start the "battle"

Sometimes husbands want their wives to initiate lovemaking and even dominate the game. So, don't wait for your husband to start, it's your turn to start foreplay.

While doing the stimulation, say intimate words and tease your husband with sensual gaze, touch, and movement. You can do this while having dinner out or when you are at home.

4. Surprise

The same sex positions can be boring. Occasionally change the position and style of your love. Women on top and doggy style are two positions that are suitable for satisfying husbands.

This position allows deep penetration and makes the penis gripped firmly by the vagina. Don't hesitate to invite your husband to watch a romantic movie to find ideas for the style of love he wants to try.

In addition to those two positions, you can also do various new things that have never been done before, such as making love by covering your partner's eyes with a cloth, using sex toys or sex aids, role playing, or masturbating together.

5. Sighing and talking "naughty" while making love

Some women may feel embarrassed and reluctant to do it, but the wife should know that sighing, moaning, and saying naughty sentences can make her husband more aroused and excited when making love.

Say what you want from your husband when having sex, for example asking him to stimulate your clitoris or pulling your hair when in doggy style.

6. Say love, thank you and compliments

Saying words or sentences of love, praise, and thanks can give a special satisfaction for the husband. Talking about the sex the two of you had the night before can make a guy happy and excited to have sex in the future.

The thing that is no less important in satisfying your husband is good, honest, and open-minded communication. In any case, including matters of love, both wife and husband must be open and honest about what makes him feel satisfied and happy.

Basically, how to satisfy your husband can be different for each couple. This is because everyone, both male and female, has a different perspective or view on sexual response.

If efforts have been made to satisfy your husband but your husband still feels unsatisfied when having sex, try consulting a psychologist for a marriage counseling session.

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