Knowing Art Therapy to Improve Mental He alth

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Knowing Art Therapy to Improve Mental He alth
Knowing Art Therapy to Improve Mental He alth

Art therapy or art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses art as the main medium. This therapy has been used for a long time as a way to calm and increase self-awareness for someone who has psychological stress or mental disorders

Art therapy consists of various types of methods, ranging from dance therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, writing therapy, and expressive supportive group therapy. The techniques used in art therapy also vary, such as coloring, painting, abstract doodling, collage, photography, sculpting, or clay crafts.

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Conditions Requiring Art Therapy

Art therapy can be done by patients of all ages, both children, teenagers, adults, to the elderly. Patients who need art therapy usually experience certain conditions or conditions, such as:

  • A traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, cyberbullying, or sexual, physical, or emotional violence
  • Unmanaged stress or psychological pressure due to problems with family, household, or work
  • Children with behavior problems or learning problems
  • Certain medical conditions, such as cancer or brain injury
  • Mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders, PTSD, or depression
  • Addiction to illegal drugs

Various Benefits of Art Therapy

Researchers believe that emotions, thoughts, and behavior are interrelated. Well, doing something creative will help a person to understand himself more deeply and identify his thoughts and feelings that might be influencing his behavior.

Moreover, not everyone can freely convey their emotions through speech. So, art therapy is expected to help them to understand and communicate their feelings well.

Art therapy will make a person more calm and relaxed. This is the reason why you will feel so much better after undergoing art therapy. In addition, several other benefits that can be obtained from this therapy are:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Identifying emotions
  • Improve positive mood and thoughts
  • Improve social skills

Various studies have shown that art therapy will reduce psychological stress, reduce symptoms of trauma, and reduce levels of depression. In fact, this therapy can also support the success of disease treatment and have a positive impact on people with disabilities.

Things to Understand about Art Therapy

In doing art therapy, you don't need special skills in the arts, really. This therapy can be done by anyone with the medical conditions mentioned above. However, unfortunately this therapy has not been shown to be effective for all types of mental he alth conditions, such as schizophrenia.

Art therapy isn't the same as art class either, is it. Art classes are focused on teaching techniques and creating masterpieces. Meanwhile, in art therapy, patients are free to be creative in expressing their feelings.

Art therapy can be done in private sessions or in groups, either with your partner, family, or people who have similar problems. Art therapy can also be used in conjunction with other psychotherapy methods, such as group therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

At the beginning of the art therapy session, the therapist will ask about the background, including medical history and certain events, symptoms felt, and the goals to be achieved through therapy. After that, the patient will be asked to do several methods to start therapy, be it by drawing, painting, or other media.

During the session, the therapist will ask questions about art from the patient's point of view and how the patient feels after doing it. This aims to assess the extent of the impact of doing creativity on the patient's mood.

Well, that's the information about art therapy that you need to know. Art is not just entertainment, but can also be used as therapy to overcome various psychological stresses and mental he alth disorders.

If you are going through difficult times that make you feel depressed or diagnosed with mental illness and want to try art therapy, don't hesitate to consult a psychiatrist, OK.

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