Pregnant Pillow, Should I Use It?

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Pregnant Pillow, Should I Use It?
Pregnant Pillow, Should I Use It?

As the name suggests, a maternity pillow is a pillow that is designed according to the posture and body needs of pregnant women. However, do pregnant women really need to use a pregnancy pillow? Well, to know the answer, take a look in this article, pregnant women

Changes in the body during pregnancy often make pregnant women feel uncomfortable, including when sleeping. This then has the potential to decrease the quality of pregnant women's sleep. In fact, getting quality sleep is very important to maintain the he alth of pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnant Pillow, Should It Be Used? - Alodokter

Therefore, pregnant women need to find ways to maintain the quality of sleep during pregnancy. Well, one way that is believed to improve sleep quality during pregnancy is to use a pregnancy pillow.

Should I Use a Pregnant Pillow?

As previously mentioned, a maternity pillow is a pillow specifically designed to support the body, especially the belly of a pregnant woman, which is getting bigger over time.

By using this pillow, pregnant women can be helped to sleep more safely and comfortably. The reason is, pregnant women will feel various benefits such as the following:

  • It's easier to adjust to the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women, namely the left side position
  • Neck, back and hips stay aligned while sleeping
  • The feet are kept parallel to each other, so the pressure around the hips and pubic bone can be reduced
  • Blood circulation is smoother
  • Avoid the risk of accidentally rolling over on your back while sleeping
  • Reduced various complaints during pregnancy, such as heartburn, nasal congestion, and leg cramps

When it comes to whether or not it is necessary to use a special pillow for pregnant women, this goes back to the needs of each pregnant woman, yes. Pregnant women can actually only use ordinary pillows to support their bodies while sleeping during pregnancy.

But the drawback is that ordinary pillows are not designed to fit the curves of a pregnant woman's body. So, pregnant women are more likely to experience back pain, pelvic pain, leg cramps, and even insomnia, especially when entering the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Therefore, using a pregnant pillow during pregnancy is okay if the pregnant woman really needs it, so that the pregnant woman's comfort while sleeping can be more awake.The price of pregnant pillows on the market also varies, so pregnant women can adjust their costs according to the budget that pregnant women have.

Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Although in general the benefits of a pregnancy pillow are the same, each type of pregnancy pillow has its own speci alties. Well, if pregnant women are interested in buying a pregnancy pillow, let's know the three types of pregnant pillows that are most widely available on the market, namely:

1. U-shaped maternity pillow

As the name suggests, a U-shaped maternity pillow is shaped like the letter U. Generally, a U-shaped maternity pillow is the size of an adult woman's body, because this pillow is useful for supporting the entire body, starting from the head, neck, back, hips, legs, and of course pregnant belly.

The U-shaped maternity pillow is designed to be used upside down, with a U base for leaning the head, and the pregnant woman's body in the middle.

2. C-shaped maternity pillow

Similar to the U-shaped maternity pillow, the C-shaped pillow is also large and able to hug the pregnant woman's entire body. This type of pillow is designed to be used when sleeping on your side, so it is very suitable for pregnant women who have entered the second and third trimesters.

To use it, pregnant women only need to rest their head on the pillow, and sleep on their side facing the open part of the pillow.

3. Pregnant pillow wedges

This is the most practical type of maternity pillow, because it tends to be small, making it easier to move too. When compared to the previous two types of maternity pillows, this one is usually also marketed at a lower price.

Wedged maternity pillows are designed to support targeted body parts only, such as on the back, stomach, or between the knees. How to use it is also easy, namely by tucking pregnant wedges pillows in the area that the pregnant woman wants, for example under the stomach to lighten the burden when the pregnant woman sleeps on her side.

Well, those are some things pregnant women need to know about pregnant pillows. If pregnant women feel they need it, there's no harm in buying it, because considering the benefits that are not small.

Before buying it, pregnant women can also consult with their doctor first, so that the doctor can recommend the type of pregnancy pillow that best suits the pregnant woman's condition.

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