This is how to overcome and prevent foot blisters due to shoes

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This is how to overcome and prevent foot blisters due to shoes
This is how to overcome and prevent foot blisters due to shoes

Legs get scratched because shoes can cause pain. This of course makes you uncomfortable while on the move. Well, in order for the wound to recover quickly, there are several simple ways that can be done. You also need to know how to prevent it from getting sore on your feet again

Foot abrasions are sores that occur due to the skin of the feet rubbing against a rough surface, such as shoes or sandals, for a long time. In addition, the use of new shoes or smaller sizes is also at risk of causing blisters on the feet.

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Not only blisters, skin friction due to wearing shoes that don't fit properly can also cause blisters or blisters filled with fluid that can burst at any time.

How to Overcome Scratched Feet from Shoes

Scratched feet will usually be marked by the appearance of redness, stinging, and sores. This condition also often leaves scars. When you experience blisters on your feet, the following ways can be done to overcome them:

  • Clean the blistered foot area with running water and then dry it.
  • Apply honey, aloe vera gel, or petroleum jelly to speed healing and prevent inflammation and infection.
  • If a blister appears, don't pop it because it can increase the risk of infection. However, you can try compressing the blister with a cold compress to relieve the burning and stinging.
  • As much as possible avoid wearing shoes that cause blisters and choose footwear that is softer and more open so that it doesn't cover the blisters.
  • If you are active outside the room, you should wrap the wound with sterile gauze to keep the wound clean and avoid infection.

If the pain is unbearable, you can take pain relievers, such as paracetamol. Make sure to take the medicine according to the dosage listed on the package or as recommended by the doctor, OK.

Prevent Scratched Feet from Shoes in this Way

So that you can move comfortably without causing blisters on your feet, here are some ways you can do it:

1. Use shoes with the right size and comfortable material

Shoe sizes that don't fit can increase the risk of blisters. Therefore, make sure to choose shoes with the right size and comfortable material.

When you buy new shoes, you can also use wooden shoe makers (shoetrees) or fill the plastic all the way down to make the shoes more stretchy. Leave the shoes in this state for 1-2 days.

In addition, applying leather conditioner or coconut oil and olive oil to the areas where the shoes rub against the feet the most can also make the rough surface of the shoes softer.

2. Use socks

Using socks can also protect and prevent blisters from occurring. Make sure the socks you wear can absorb sweat well, such as cotton. Don't forget to change your socks if you feel they are damp or wet.

3. Use pads or plaster

You can use extra padding in your shoes to keep your feet from rubbing, so that blisters can be prevented. Apart from that, you can also put plaster or paper duct tape over your heels or toes to prevent blisters.

4. Use petroleum jelly

Before wearing shoes or high heels, apply petroleum jelly on the feet that are prone to abrasions. This method can prevent wounds caused by friction of the skin with a rough surface.

Although it is not classified as dangerous, foot blisters due to shoes need to be treated properly so that the wound does not get worse or even get infected. Also do how to prevent it so that your feet are blister-free and you can move freely.

If the foot blisters don't heal or the wound gets wider and fester, you should immediately consult a doctor so that you can get treatment.

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