Women's Climax and Tips for Achieving It

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Women's Climax and Tips for Achieving It
Women's Climax and Tips for Achieving It

Not only men, women also want satisfying sex. However, female climax is not an easy thing to achieve. In order to get a climax in women, there are several things that need to be considered before and during intercourse. What are those things? Let's see in the following article

Climax or commonly known as orgasm is a strong sense of sexual satisfaction obtained from having sex. Not only delicious, reaching a climax during sex has a myriad of he alth benefits, such as reducing pain and stress, facilitating menstruation, strengthening pelvic muscles, and he althy skin.

Women's Climax and Tips for Achieving It - Alodokter

However, in reality it is not easy to make women at the peak of their enjoyment. However, if you apply some of the methods below, it's possible for him to have an orgasm.

Tips for Reaching Female Climax

When a woman orgasms, generally she will feel rapid contractions in the vagina, anus, and uterus. In some women, climax or orgasm can also be marked by discharge from the vagina.

To reach a female climax, you can try the following tips:

1. Start by teasing her

For many women, mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation. He needs a good mood so that the quality of sex is good. That's why it's important to flirt with him before you have sex.

Try sending a short message containing words of praise or “naughty” to your partner before you meet. Also prepare sad songs, aromatherapy candles, or flowers that he likes so that later it can make the atmosphere more romantic.

2. Know the sensitive part

The common body parts that make women aroused are the clitoris, vagina, breasts, nipples, lips, and neck. However, not all women are aroused in this part. It could be that your woman actually feels sensitive in areas that you don't expect, such as ears, stomach, back, or legs.

The best way to find out where the sensitive parts are is to explore them during foreplay. Try to touch his sensitive body parts gently with your hands, then continue using your tongue.

Don't hesitate to ask him which part is the most stimulating.

3. Extend the duration of sexual intercourse

Unlike men who can orgasm quickly during sex, women generally take longer to reach orgasm.

Some research even shows that most women take about 15 minutes of foreplay to get aroused, then about 7-13 minutes to climax during penetrative sex.

Therein lies the difficulty. You may be able to do 15 minutes of foreplay, but not all guys can last up to 13 minutes of sex.

To deal with it, try to train yourself by changing your diet to be he althier, for example by reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and doing Kegel exercises so that the duration of intercourse can be longer.

4. Choose the right position

Not all positions during sex provide pleasure for women. In this case, you should be able to choose your position more carefully.

Sexual intercourse while sitting, women on top, and doggy style are some of the positions that you can choose because many women have recognized that they have the most influence on their orgasm.

A person's sexuality is a unique thing. What one woman likes may not necessarily be liked by another. Therefore, don't hesitate to ask or talk to your partner about what can make him feel climax during sexual intercourse.

If the ways to reach a female climax above don't work, maybe you can ask your partner to consult a doctor, because women who have difficulty having an orgasm or are sexually aroused may experience orgasmic dysfunction.

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