5 Ways to Make a Woman Climax Faster

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5 Ways to Make a Woman Climax Faster
5 Ways to Make a Woman Climax Faster

Orgasm is something that everyone craves when making love, including women. Unfortunately there are still many women who admit that it is difficult to reach a climax during sexual intercourse. But don't worry, there are some tips and ways to make a woman climax when making love

Sexual climax or orgasm is when a person reaches the peak of the sensation of pleasure during sexual intercourse. Climax in women is characterized by contraction of the pelvic muscles, rapid heart beat, and discharge from the vagina like ejaculation in men. However, discharge from the vagina during orgasm is not experienced by every woman.

If stimulated properly, women can even climax more than once during sexual intercourse, you know.

5 Ways to Make a Woman Climax Faster - Alodokter

How to Make a Woman Climax

There are several factors that can sometimes make it difficult for women to reach climax, ranging from stress, fatigue, menopause, certain he alth problems, such as depression and hormonal changes.

If you often find it difficult to reach a climax during sex, there's no need to worry. There are several tips and ways to make a woman climax that you can do so that your sexual satisfaction will be better, namely:

1. Longer foreplay

Women need longer time to build up the level of stimulation during sex. Therefore, foreplay or foreplay before sexual intercourse is one effective way to make a woman climax easier and faster.

Most women need to be hugged, kissed, massaged and caressed before making love. This is useful for increasing comfort and making women aroused during sex.

2. The touch of a woman's sensitive area

There is an easier way to make a woman climax, namely by doing foreplay or stimulation in the form of touch in a woman's sensitive area, such as the clitoris. This stimulation can be given through kissing, touching, to the help of sex aids.

Not only the clitoris, stimulation can also be done in some sensitive parts of other women, such as nipples, ears, back of neck, thighs, even buttocks.

3. Relaxation

Women also need comfort during sex to focus on feeling the sensation of touch until it reaches a climax. So, another way to make a woman climax is to make her feel comfortable, calm, and focused in every stimulation that is done during sex.

Throw away thoughts about work, problems, or things that make you stressed. Before making love, try bathing or soaking in warm water together. Also, don't forget to exercise every day, meditate, do yoga, play music, or practice any relaxation technique that can make you feel calm.

4. Sex position

The position of making love is also one of the important points of how to make a woman climax. Try different sex positions, at different times and places. Some sex positions, such as woman on top, penetration from behind, and sitting position, are sex positions that can make a woman climax easier.

If you want to experiment, you can try sex toys or make love in unusual places, for example in the bathroom.

5. Friendly whisper

This is also one way to make a woman climax faster. Friendly whispers and compliments, even naughty words and conversations about sex fantasies can also make a woman reach climax faster.

Big changes that occur in life, such as marriage, pregnancy, menopause, moving house, or quitting a job, can make a woman's sexual desire decrease and it becomes difficult to orgasm.

If the ways to make a woman climax above don't also succeed in making your partner reach a climax, then you and your partner should consult a psychologist who is specifically studying this problem, to get a solution.

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