Mother, let's find out all kinds of information about growing pain

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Mother, let's find out all kinds of information about growing pain
Mother, let's find out all kinds of information about growing pain

Does your little one ever complain of pain in his feet in the afternoon or at night after playing and being active all day? If so, maybe he is experiencing growing pains. In order not to panic too much, you can find out complete information about growing pain in this article

Growing pain is a condition when a child experiences cramps, aches and pains to the point of throbbing in the legs, especially the thighs or calves. This condition can occur in children aged 2-12 years. Although it is called growing pain, leg pain is actually not related to the child's growth and development process.

Mother, let's find out all kinds of information about growing pain - Alodokter

These are the Causes and Symptoms of Growing Pain in Children

It is not known exactly what causes growing pain. Several studies have linked this condition to a lower pain threshold. There are also those who associate it with children's psychological factors and vitamin D deficiency.

Although the cause is uncertain, growing pains often occur in children who are agile in running, jumping, dancing, climbing, and playing games that involve a lot of movement.

Generally, G rowing pain is characterized by the following typical symptoms:

  • Pain or cramping in both legs
  • Pain or cramps that occur in the muscles of the leg, not in the joints
  • Pain that occurs is not accompanied by swelling or redness of the feet
  • There is no history of injury or falls before the pain appears
  • Pain appears in the afternoon or evening and disappears in the morning
  • Pain or cramping doesn't happen every day, but it can come and go at any time
  • After the pain phase is gone, the child can still move and not feel weak

Tips for Overcoming Growing Pain in Children

Growing pain is generally harmless and does not affect the child's growth and development process. So, you don't have to worry too much, okay.

However, some children may not be able to endure the pain that arises. Especially if this happens at night and disturbs his sleep. In the end, the child can cry because of the pain he feels and fuss because of lack of sleep.

To overcome this, there are some tips that you can do, namely:

  • Keep calm and don't scold the child.
  • Gently massage the child's feet slowly.
  • Warm compresses for sore feet. You can use a bottle filled with warm water to compress it.
  • If the pain increases, you can give your little one painkillers, such as paracetamol.

To prevent growing pain, you can ask your little one to stretch for some time before he goes to sleep. In addition, Mother can also bathe the child with warm water. Both of these are useful for relaxing muscles that may be tense due to daily activities.

If the child's leg pain is getting worse day by day, the child looks limp, the leg looks swollen and red, or the child becomes very weak and has difficulty moving, you should immediately take him to the doctor for proper treatment.

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