7 Female Stimulus Points to Arouse Sexual Arousal

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7 Female Stimulus Points to Arouse Sexual Arousal
7 Female Stimulus Points to Arouse Sexual Arousal

Female arousal points are areas of the body that when stimulated can make a woman aroused. Physical touch on these body parts can make a woman's sexual arousal increase. In order for you and your partner's sexual life to be more passionate, know the following women's stimulation points

Exploring women's arousal points can be confusing, even worrying for men. In fact, by knowing a woman's arousal points and the necessary techniques, sexual intercourse will be a fun and satisfying activity for both parties.

7 Female Stimulus Points to Arouse Sexual Arousal - Alodokter

Touch the Woman at These Points

Below are some women's arousal points that may not be widely known:

1. Feet

In some women, the big toe can be a point of stimulation that can arouse sexual arousal and induce orgasm. To stimulate this area, try twisting or pinching the big toe.

In addition to the toes, you can also massage the soles of the feet. On the soles of the feet, there are many nerves that make them sensitive to touch.

2. Ear

Ears are very sensitive and can trigger sexual arousal. Various studies have even revealed that most women can reach orgasm when this part is stimulated during intercourse.

To stimulate this point, try kissing or licking the back of your partner's ear while saying seductive words or expressing your feelings for him.

3. Neck

The front and back of the neck are very sensitive because they have many nerve endings. In addition, the skin in this section is also thin. A touch, a light kiss, or even a breath in this area can already make a woman feel aroused and give a sensual sensation throughout her body.

4. belly

This is also one of the lesser-known stimulation points in the female body. This sensitive area is usually located in the lower abdomen or near the pubic area.

To stimulate this point, use your finger or tongue to explore this part of the body in your partner. Starting from the top of the stomach, then down to the navel area and lower abdomen, then slowly to the genital area.

5. Ass

Buttocks are one of the stimulation points for women because they are directly connected to their genital organs. Stimulation can be done by asking the partner to lie on his stomach, then massage the buttocks area.

6. Clit

The clitoris is a small organ at the top of the vagina that contains many nerve endings. This organ is surrounded by a clitoral hood which opens when the clitoris is stimulated and tightened.

As the most sensitive part, the clitoris must be stimulated before orgasm or even after, with fingers or tongue. The importance of clitoral stimulation in women is as important as penile stimulation in men.

7. G spot

The G spot is a collection of nerve endings located about 5 cm on the inside of the upper side of the vaginal wall. It is located adjacent to the female urinary tract. The G spot can be found by gently inserting a finger into the vagina.

Although the G spot is called one of the most satisfying stimulation points for women, in fact, the sensation that each woman feels from stimulation of this point is different. There are those who feel very excited when this part is stimulated, but there are also those who feel it less.

You can start warming up by kissing the body's most external arousal points and moving to a more intimate point. Use your fingers, teeth or tongue, and nose to provide sensations that can increase your partner's arousal.

Understanding of women's arousal points needs to be known by both parties, but mutual understanding and good communication are still the key to sexual satisfaction.

Women don't need to be afraid or embarrassed to tell their partners what they like and don't like, or what they want to do when having sex.

If you still find it difficult to get satisfaction during sexual intercourse, or you have tried several ways but have not found the right stimulation point, you and your partner can consult a psychologist who specializes in sexual relationship problems.

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