Know How to Avoid Fake Vaccines

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Know How to Avoid Fake Vaccines
Know How to Avoid Fake Vaccines

The fake vaccine case has worried parents a lot. Starting from the effects and safety for children, as well as how to ensure the authenticity of the vaccine itself. To anticipate this, there are easy ways you can do so that your little one gets vaccines that are guaranteed to be authentic and safe

Vaccination is the process of administering antigens in the form of live, attenuated or dead microorganisms, or parts thereof that have been processed in such a way as to induce immunity in the body of the vaccine recipient. Vaccines are given with the intention of stimulating the formation of active immunity against certain diseases.

Know How to Avoid Fake Vaccines - Alodokter

What is a Fake Vaccine?

Fake vaccines are preparations labeled with vaccines that do not contain antigens, so they do not stimulate the formation of active immunity, and render them useless.

Authenticity of a vaccine can be determined after going through a laboratory examination by BPOM. From the results of the examination, fake vaccines generally contain the following ingredients:

  • Infusion of NaCL
  • Diluted vaccine
  • Vaccine solvents which are usually in the form of physiological saline or aqua pro injection which are safe for absorption by the body
  • Gentamycin Antibiotic

The results of the investigation by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), Biofarma, the Ministry of He alth, and related agencies say that the side effects of fake vaccines are suspected to be small.

Because it is given diluted, if gentamicin is given in the vaccine, the dose that enters the body will be quite low.

In addition, the vaccine package is smaller (maximum 0.5 ml) than the gentamicin package (2 ml contains 80 mg). Thus, the maximum amount of gentamicin that enters the body is calculated to be around 20 mg.

After reaching the bloodstream in even smaller levels, this drug is then excreted through the kidneys. Based on this logic, the long-term effects of gentamicin can be called very small.

Side effects such as kidney and hearing impairment can only occur if gentamicin is given more than once or in high doses.

In addition, infection or allergic reactions are short-term risks that may occur due to injecting fake vaccines containing intravenous fluids.

In general, the appearance of an allergic reaction or infection that can occur will be seen within three days after the injection is done.

Infection due to fake vaccines is thought to be due to the vaccine manufacturing process that does not meet sterilization standards.

Get Assurance of Safe Genuine Vaccines

According to the Ministry of He alth report, not all types of vaccines given to children are faked. Furthermore, the type of vaccine being faked is from a group of expensive imported vaccines from pharmaceutical companies.

Some examples of these pharmaceutical companies are GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline) and Sanofi Pasteur, namely Engerix-B as a hepatitis B vaccine, Pediacel as a combination of Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hib, and IPV (polio vaccine containing the Polio virus). dead), and Havrix 720 as a hepatitis A vaccine.

Meanwhile, the types of vaccines from Bio Farma have so far been used for concoction into fake vaccine packages, such as measles and hepatitis B vaccines.

Government hospitals and he alth centers generally provide free vaccines. This free vaccine is obtained from an official manufacturer appointed by the Ministry of He alth.

Therefore, to get the original vaccine, you can go to government he alth service facilities, such as puskesmas, posyandu, or government hospitals. The Ministry of He alth guarantees that vaccines distributed through government channels are genuine and safe.

To prevent your child from getting fake vaccines, here are some things you can do:

  • Ask the doctor who will administer the immunization to check the expiration date of the vaccine, the vaccine container and seal, the vaccine label, temperature marker, and the physical form of the vaccine.
  • Checking the physical form of the vaccine can be seen from the presence or absence of precipitate, color, and clarity. The distribution permit for genuine or fake vaccines can be checked on the BPOM website.
  • Observe the reaction of the child's body after receiving the vaccine. Immediately consult a doctor if you feel worried.
  • Report anything suspicious to BPOM via Halo BPOM 1500533 or to the Ministry of He alth at (local code) 1500567.

If your child turns out to have received a fake vaccine, the child can take mandatory re-immunization at the He alth Service referral he alth service location, in coordination with the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI). This vaccination can be obtained free of charge at government he alth facilities.

Re-immunization should be given using the same type of vaccine or equivalent provided by the government. Of course, this can only be done if the parents agree and have received a complete explanation.

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