Understanding Hurry Sickness, Feeling Always Hassle

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Understanding Hurry Sickness, Feeling Always Hassle
Understanding Hurry Sickness, Feeling Always Hassle

Are you one of those people who often feel rushed every time they do something? If so, this could be a sign that you are experiencing hurry sickness. To find out what hurry sickness really is and how to deal with it, let's read this article

Hurry sickness is a psychological condition when a person always feels in a hurry or can't wait to finish every thing or work he is doing. This condition generally arises because a person wants to make the most of the moment or time he has.

Understanding Hurry Sickness, Feeling Always Hassle - Alodokter

Recently, the condition of hurry sickness is getting worse along with the development of technology designed to make life easier. This requires us to be able to do more things in a short period of time.

In fact, instead of bringing maximum results, doing something too fast or too much at one time can actually reduce work effectiveness, and even have an adverse impact on mental and physical he alth.

Signs of Hurry Sickness

Besides the feeling of urgency or rush to finish work immediately, there are other signs of hurry sickness, namely:

  • Doing everything in a hurry, from talking to other people, eating, and driving a vehicle
  • It is difficult to concentrate when doing a job, because the mind is divided with other work
  • Often make mistakes when doing various jobs, even to the point of having to redo the work from the beginning
  • Always looking for ways to save time
  • Feeling upset or angry when faced with things that can delay work

If you experience signs of hurry sickness for a long time, you need to be alert. This is because this can have various adverse effects on mental he alth, such as triggering stress and even anxiety disorders.

If left unchecked, stress and anxiety disorders will make you feel tired, have trouble sleeping, change your appetite, get headaches, and even increase your risk of high blood pressure.

How to Overcome Hurry Sickness

So that the condition of hurry sickness does not have a negative impact on he alth as mentioned above, you need to deal with it in the right way. Here are some ways to overcome hurry sickness that you can try from now on:

1. Create priority scale

Instead of doing everything at once, you can work in a more efficient way, namely by making a daily priority scale. From now on, try to divide your daily tasks into 4 priority scales, namely:

  • Important–urgent
  • Not important–urgent
  • Important–not urgent
  • Not important–not urgent

Well, with this priority scale, you are expected to be able to complete your work effectively and on time, without having to rush.

2. Know your limits

Without realizing it, we may often be people pleasers. This is most easily recognized by the feeling of having a hard time refusing other people's requests that are burdensome or even impossible for us to do. Well, in the end, this habit can cause the emergence of hurry sickness in yourself.

Therefore, you must be able to recognize and set boundaries for yourself. For example, when you are asked for help by a co-worker even though you still have a lot of work to do, you can politely refuse, such as "I'm sorry, I can't help, because my own work isn't finished yet".

3. Prioritize body he alth

Hurry sickness conditions can also cause us to neglect our he alth, you know. In fact, a he althy body is the key so that we can move and work well.

Therefore, no matter how many jobs and tasks you have to do, remember that your physical and mental he alth is the most important thing that you must take care of and prioritize.

So, from now on, keep your body he althy by eating a balanced nutritious diet, meeting your daily fluid needs, doing regular exercise and relaxation techniques, and getting enough rest.That way, you can definitely carry out daily activities and work effectively and maximally.

Well, those are some ways you can do to overcome the hurry sickness condition. However, if after doing so, the hurry sickness that you are experiencing does not subside or even affects your he alth even more, you can consult a psychologist about it.

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