This is how to strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter

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This is how to strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter
This is how to strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter

Building a good relationship between mother and daughter does have its own challenges. This is because there are many factors that can lead to the breakdown of this relationship. So, what is the right way to make the relationship between mother and daughter stronger?

A study states that mothers and daughters have a correlation in thinking and regulating emotions. Thanks to this correlation, the relationship between mother and daughter can be either very close or very distant.

This is how to strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter - Alodokter

Many things can make a mother-daughter relationship strain, such as busyness, openness, overly controlling nature, lack of physical contact, or lack of empathy. If not handled wisely, these things can lead to a toxic relationship.

Ways for Mothers to Strengthen Relationships with Daughters

So that the relationship between mother and daughter remains good and you can be fun friends to confide in, here are some ways you can do it:

1. Trying to think openly

Bun, try to start seeing things from different angles. Understand that your daughter's needs may be slightly different from those of you when she was her age. So, don't compare them, okay? Also, avoid having too high expectations that can weigh on him.

2. Be a good listener

Listening to children's stories is a form of empathy, you know. Be a good listener to your daughter. Also show Mother's enthusiasm for the story by not busying yourself, looking into her eyes, and holding her hand tightly while telling the story.

3. Receiving input from children

It is the duty of parents to educate and guide their children. However, this does not mean that parents turn a deaf ear to their children's words. It's best if your daughter shares knowledge or expresses her opinion, try to respect, listen and consider it, okay.

4. Giving the child "space"

Don't hold back your daughter all the time. He also needs time for me time and do the activities he likes. Also give him the opportunity to solve his own problems. Believe me, your daughter can do it, really.

Do This Way To Get Girls Closer To Mother

Not only mothers need to respect and understand their daughters, but you as girls also need to do the same. Well, here are ways you can do to get closer to your mother:

1. Showing gratitude

Don't hesitate to thank your mother for the love and attention that has been given. Even though it seems trivial, saying thank you can make your mother feel appreciated, you know. Apart from saying thank you, it can also be in the form of gifts, for example by buying him new shoes.

2. Let mom do her part

Even though you are mature enough to make decisions, try to involve your mother in your life. For example, you might ask for advice on career choices, talk about your partner, or share your thoughts on parenting. This attitude can make your mother feel appreciated, you know.

3. Don't blame mom

As much as possible don't blame your mother for what happened to you. For example, you say, "I did this because Mother always forbade me". Realize that your mother also has her own limitations. So, try to understand each other, okay.

4. Spend time with mom

Amid your busy schedule, try to spend time with your mother. Take your mom out to dinner, go for a walk, or help her clean the house. At this moment, you can exchange stories, so that your relationship with your mother will be even closer.

Well, that's the way a mother and daughter can make their relationship closer. There must be a difference in outlook on life between the two. However, that is not an excuse for mothers and daughters not to be able to maintain harmony and cohesiveness.

If you have made various efforts above but are still having difficulty establishing a close relationship between mother and daughter, it never hurts to consult a psychologist to find out the most suitable approach.

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