Spotlight Effect: The Feeling of Too Much Caring for Others

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Spotlight Effect: The Feeling of Too Much Caring for Others
Spotlight Effect: The Feeling of Too Much Caring for Others

Have you ever accidentally made a small mistake, like tripped, and suddenly you felt like everyone was watching you too much? In the world of psychology, this phenomenon is known as the spotlight effect. If it happens continuously, the spotlight effect can have an impact on your life, you know

Spotlight effect is a psychological phenomenon when a person feels and thinks that other people around him are very concerned about their behavior, appearance, and shortcomings. In fact, that's not the case.

Spotlight Effect: The feeling of being watched too much by others - Alodokter

In the world of psychology, the spotlight effect is a form of cognitive bias. This is a condition when a person misinterprets the information around him, resulting in inaccurate conclusions. This can happen because a person tends to see the world around him from his own point of view.

So, in short, when we pay attention to what we think is important, we tend to feel that other people think so too. In fact, it's not necessarily like that, because basically everyone has a different perspective and experience.

Spotlight Effect

You need to know, feeling embarrassed and nervous after making a mistake, especially in public, is normal.

However, if it drags on, it can also have a bad impact on your life, such as disrupting your ability to carry out activities, lowering your self-confidence, and affecting your sense of comfort around other people.

For example, if one day you work with a wrinkled shirt and pants, you may think that other people really care about your appearance that day, or even secretly think of you as untidy or undisciplined.

Well, from a view that is not necessarily true, then comes the shame that can turn into overthinking. If so, you may not be able to work optimally or even want to withdraw from your friends.

Not only that, research also mentions that people who experience the spotlight effect continuously for a long period of time are also at risk of experiencing social anxiety disorder or social phobia.

How to Overcome the Spotlight Effect

So that the spotlight effect doesn't have a bad impact like the one above, you need to deal with it in the right way. Well, below are some ways you can try:

Be aware of the existence of the spotlight effect

Overcoming the spotlight effect can actually be very easy, you know, by simply being aware of its existence. So, if you are experiencing the spotlight effect, remember that your mistakes or shortcomings are not necessarily noticed by others, because everyone has their own focus for them to pay attention to.

Even if someone pays attention, they won't remember for long about your mistakes or shortcomings. If you're still worried, try asking yourself how often do you notice or remember other people's small mistakes? Definitely not often, right?

Face it casually

If you really know that your mistakes or shortcomings are noticed by others, for example your coworkers comment on your wrinkled shirt that day, try to deal with it as casually as possible. If necessary, respond to it with a little humor.

That way, you won't be overly imagining the error. In addition, people around you will also tend to remember the positive attitude you show more than the faults behind it.

However, if after doing the above method you still feel the impact of the spotlight effect or even the impact has been felt to interfere with your daily activities, you should consult a psychiatrist about this. A psychiatrist can help you deal with this with therapy, or giving medication if needed.

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