Calluses on the Feet, Prevent and Overcome This Way

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Calluses on the Feet, Prevent and Overcome This Way
Calluses on the Feet, Prevent and Overcome This Way

Those who are active in their daily lives may find it easier to experience problems on the soles of the feet, one of which is calluses. So that calluses on your feet don't interfere with your activities, you need to know how to prevent and deal with them

Callus (callus) is a thickened or hardened part of the skin as a form of skin protection against excessive pressure and friction.

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The part of the skin that has calluses will usually be yellowish in color and become less sensitive. Calluses usually appear on the feet, but can also appear on the knuckles and hands.

Ships are not the same as fisheyes. Fish eyes have a small size, round, and hard. While calluses are larger with less clear edges.

How to prevent calluses on the soles of the feet

Here are some ways to prevent calluses on your feet that you need to know:

1. Choose the right shoes

Frequently wearing shoes that are too small or too tight can cause calluses to appear on the feet. So, make sure the shoe size you use is right and comfortable on your feet.

2. Replace worn shoes

The worn or damaged parts of the shoe, such as the inner lining of the shoe and the sole, are not only uncomfortable to wear, but can also cause calluses.

This is because worn out soles are less able to protect the feet when walking on rough surfaces.

3. Avoid wearing high heels too often

If you like wearing high heels, it's best to limit them from now on, before the calluses get worse.

In addition to high heels, shoes with pointed ends are also at risk of causing calluses on the feet.

4. Avoid wearing shoes with different heels

Worn shoes can have different heel heights. This can also be a trigger for calluses on the feet.

Because the condition of the shoe like this can cause a stronger pressure on one of your heels. This pressure can later cause calluses.

How to Overcome Calluses on Feet

You don't have to worry if calluses have already appeared. Because, there are several ways that can be done to overcome calluses, namely:

1. Soak feet in warm water

If the calluses on your feet are disturbing your activities, try soaking your callused feet in warm water for about 10 minutes.

This method can soften callused skin. After that, it will be easier for you to rub or scrape the hard skin.

2. Apply moisturizer on the callused skin

In addition to soaking your feet in warm water, applying moisturizer can also soften calluses on your feet.

Choose a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid and urea, because these ingredients can soften and exfoliate calloused skin.

3. Use shoe pads

So that calluses on your feet don't cause pain when you walk, try using shoe pads that you can buy at pharmacies.

Shoe cushions will protect callused skin from pressure. In addition, this cushion can also prevent calluses from reappearing.

4. Remove hard skin layer slowly

You can use a rough rag, pumice stone, emery board, or nail file to scrape and remove the hardened layer of callused skin.

But remember, diabetics are not advised to self-medicate which can injure the skin.

If you have taken some of the steps above but the calluses are still there or if they are getting worse and painful, you should see a doctor.

Doctors can give medicine to remove calluses and antibiotics to treat infected calluses, trim thickened skin, or perform surgery to remove thick skin on severe calluses.

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