Learn How to Increase Arm Muscles to Look Strong

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Learn How to Increase Arm Muscles to Look Strong
Learn How to Increase Arm Muscles to Look Strong

Many men figure out how to build arm muscles for a number of reasons. In addition to giving a dashing and strong impression, large arm muscles also make it easier for us to do various jobs that require strength

In general, the arm is divided into two parts, namely the upper arm and the lower arm. The upper arm extends from the shoulder to the elbow, while the lower arm extends from the elbow to the wrist.

Learn How to Increase Arm Muscles to Look Strong - Alodokter

In the arm there are various large muscles. These muscles help you carry out various activities, from lifting groceries, holding babies, to moving wardrobes.

Types of Arm Muscles

Before knowing how to enlarge the arm muscles, it helps you know what muscles are found in the arms below:

1. Biceps

In scientific language, the biceps muscle is known as the biceps brachii muscle. This large muscle extends from the upper arm to the elbow, and attaches to the base of the arm (humerus). This muscle allows you to move your arm up, down, forward, and backward.

2. Triceps

The triceps muscle is known as the tri c ep s brachii. It is located behind the humerus bone. This muscle allows you to straighten your forearm and helps stabilize the shoulder joint.

3. Brachioradialis

The brachioradialis muscle is located at the top of the forearm, near the elbow. This muscle makes the forearm make a circular motion.

4. Extensor carpi radialis longus

This muscle is located adjacent to the brachioradialis muscle. You can feel the presence of this muscle when you make a fist, which is a tight feeling in your forearm. This muscle is what allows us to move the wrist in all directions.

Various Ways to Increase Arm Muscles

Many men want to appear with big arm muscles. If you are one of them, you can apply how to enlarge the arm muscles below:

1. Curl

Curl is the most common technique for increasing biceps. Curls are performed using weights, such as barbells or dumbbells. Choose a weight that is according to your ability. How to do this movement is:

  • Stand or sit on a chair
  • Position both arms straight down holding the weight, with palms facing up
  • Raise the weights in front of the chest by bending the elbows
  • Do lifting weights 12–15 times (counting 1 set) and repeat for 2 or 3 sets

A sign that the load is within your capabilities is that your elbows don't move when lifting a barbell or dumbbells.

Make sure your elbows are completely immobile and at your sides. If your elbow is still moving, reduce your weight so that you can perform the movement correctly.

2. Push ups

Perhaps you haven't thought that doing push-ups is one way to enlarge your arm muscles. When doing this movement 10-15 times, the arm muscles will contract and stretch so that over time they can make them stronger and bigger.

3. Triceps kickback

The Triceps kickback can be done with the help of dumbbells, resistance bands, or a water bottle. This movement can be done with both hands simultaneously or with one hand alternately.

It is recommended to use relatively light weights when doing this movement, especially for those who are just starting to exercise. How to do the triceps kickback movement is:

  • Each hand holding a dumbbell with the palm facing the inside of the body
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lean forward slightly, then bend your knees
  • Raise your elbows so that they are parallel to your body and form an angle of 90° then stretch your arms back
  • Return to elbow position at 90°
  • Do this swing and 7–10 times in 2 sets

4. Swim

Another sport that is also good for building arm muscles, as well as training body muscles and increasing heart resistance, is swimming. Do the freestyle or breaststroke while swimming, and don't forget to warm up beforehand.

In addition to routinely doing the exercises above, don't forget that how to enlarge the right arm muscles also requires the role of a he althy lifestyle and adequate intake of body nutrients. You are advised to eat he althy foods that are high in protein so that muscle tissue can be formed properly.

To be safe, it's a good idea to consult a doctor first before doing various ways to enlarge the arm muscles. That way, the doctor will recommend the right exercise choice.

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