Know the Benefits of Kundalini Meditation and How to Do It

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Know the Benefits of Kundalini Meditation and How to Do It
Know the Benefits of Kundalini Meditation and How to Do It

Have you ever heard of kundalini meditation? This meditation technique is believed to be able to create greater awareness of yourself and the environment, you know. How to do kundalini meditation is also not difficult, but it takes consistency and patience to get the maximum benefits

Kundalini is taken from Sanskrit which means coiled snake. This meditation aims to release the human energy center that is coiled like a snake (root chakra) and is located in the spine. This energy is released through the seven chakras of the body and out through the crown chakra above the head.

Know the Benefits of Kundalini Meditation and How to Do It - Alodokter

The release of energy from the root chakra will create a balance of communication between mind and body that is beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual he alth.

Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation can increase self-awareness, clear the mind, and train the energy balance in the body. For more details, here are the benefits of Kundalini meditation that you should not miss:

1. Increase self-awareness

Kundalini meditation can improve the ability to understand oneself, thus enabling a person to think critically and more easily recognize negative thoughts that can harm oneself.

In addition, increasing self-awareness will also help a person to recognize his potential, evaluate himself, control emotions, and have more sensitivity to the environment.

2. Managing stress

Stress can be controlled in many ways, one of which is by regularly doing Kundalini meditation. This meditation technique is known to reduce levels of the hormone cortisol or stress hormone in the body.

Therefore, doing Kundalini meditation regularly will help calm your mind and feelings and make you sleep better.

3. Reducing symptoms of mental illness

Regularly doing Kundalini can also relieve restlessness and anxiety, so it is recommended for people with anxiety disorders or depression. In addition, Kundalini meditation is also able to increase positive feelings, so that it can help relieve symptoms of PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder, and sleep disorders.

4. He althy heart

Not only affects mental he alth, Kundalini meditation also has a good impact on physical he alth, you know. Research has shown that meditation can help control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Improve brain function

Do you often forget or have trouble concentrating? If so, try regularly doing Kundalini meditation. The reason, this meditation can improve concentration, ability to remember, and think. That way, the ability to complete tasks and solve problems can also increase.

6. Cultivating love and affection

Kundalini meditation can create awareness to love yourself and others. The more positive feelings that are created from meditation, the higher the sense of love and compassion for yourself and others.

How To Do Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation can be done anywhere, as long as the room is quiet enough and the temperature is not too hot or cold. The time to do this meditation is quite flexible. You can do it in the morning before going to work or at night before going to bed, but it's best to avoid doing it after eating.

Kundalini meditation can be done for 3, 11, 22, 31 minutes, or more. You can set the time and duration according to your convenience.

If you are ready, let's do Kundalini meditation in the following way:

  • Sit cross-legged on the floor or on a chair with your body weight resting on your feet. You can put a pillow or blanket as a seat to make it more comfortable.
  • Make sure your spine is in a straight position and avoid sitting against a chair. Then, touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger.
  • Slowly close your eyes. Focus your gaze just above the center of the eyebrow.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. With each inhale and exhale, focus your body on your spine.
  • When you breathe, you can chant the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”, which means “infinity, life, death and rebirth”, or the mantra “Sat Nam”, which means “truth is my identity”.
  • Feel the breath you take in moving throughout your body and slowly your body will begin to relax.
  • If you suddenly think of something, repeat it and try to return your focus to breathing and chanting.
  • You can repeat this cycle several times and to end the meditation, take a deep breath, push your hands up towards your head, then lower your hands while exhaling.

If during this meditation you feel dizzy, stop for a moment and do it again when the complaints are gone or you feel good, yes. One more thing to remember is that when doing Kundalini meditation you have to be patient and consistent, so that the benefits can be maximized.

You can also consult with your doctor first if you want to practice this meditation to overcome psychological disorders, emotional disorders, or as an additional effort in the treatment of a disease.

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