The Benefits of Critical Thinking and How to Do It

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The Benefits of Critical Thinking and How to Do It
The Benefits of Critical Thinking and How to Do It

Critical thinking is one of the soft skills that you must have. The reason is, this ability has a big influence on many aspects of your life, you know. Even so, critical thinking doesn't just appear out of nowhere, but needs to be sharpened

Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally, analyze problems objectively, and evaluate information well. So, by thinking critically, we can get the right results according to the facts and make sense.

The Benefits of Critical Thinking and How to Do It - Alodokter

The characteristics of people who think critically are high curiosity, have a strong desire to find the truth, are skeptical of unclear information, are open-minded, and are able to connect ideas with one another.

Here are the Benefits of Critical Thinking

A person with critical thinking is generally superior and able to compete with others, whether in the world of education, work, or social. Those who are able to think critically will also get the following benefits:

  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Make the right decision
  • Seeing the problem from different perspectives
  • Discovering new ideas and opportunities
  • Improve creativity
  • Avoiding hoaxes
  • Be more ready to face life's challenges
  • Be more sensitive and don't take things lightly
  • Not easy to use by others
  • Understanding self-ability
  • Cultivating self-confidence and independent attitude
  • Improve life satisfaction

How to Improve Critical Thinking Ability

Seeing the many benefits of critical thinking, it's a shame if this ability is not honed, right? What's more, there are bad effects that might occur if you only think briefly, such as being easily swayed by false information and making wrong decisions.

Meanwhile, for children, those who do not hone their critical thinking skills are at risk of developing behavior disorders in children, you know.

So, what is the way to become a person who has critical thinking? Well, here are ways you can do to hone your critical thinking skills:

1. Troubleshooting

The first step in critical thinking is to identify the problem and the factors that influence it.You need to separate out any information in the form of facts, assumptions, or biased judgments. Only then can you investigate the matter more deeply.

2. Ask lots of questions

High curiosity is the main key in critical thinking. Therefore, start to get used to questioning the things you meet. Many questions here can be done by asking yourself or others.

You can ask questions using the 5W1H principle, namely what, who, when, why, where, and how. Just make sure you question something important and needed, not gossip that can't be justified.

3. More references by reading

In critical thinking, you must increase your knowledge, one of which can be obtained by reading. However, make sure you get the information from a trusted source.

So, in addition to asking a lot of questions, you also have to read a lot, huh. Don't let it be, you question a lot of things but don't have any knowledge as described in the proverb, “empty barrels make a loud sound”.

4. Consider the various possibilities that could happen

Don't just decide something. In critical thinking, you need to consider all the possibilities that could happen. Look at things with an open mind and avoid personal assumptions.

So, when you intend to take an action or want to make a decision, think in detail how it will impact your life or others and also consider all the risks. At the same time, prepare a backup plan in anticipation.

5. Focus on goals and increase evaluation

Train yourself to stay focused and concentrate on what you want to achieve. Be smart to find ways so that you are not distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals.

Besides that, make sure you also evaluate the results of your thinking. Also find out whether the conclusions you draw have supporting data or are just argumentative.

Well, that's the benefit of critical thinking and how to hone it. Remember, there is nothing that you can have instantly. Practice more so that you become better at critical thinking.

If you have difficulty honing your critical thinking skills or always have difficulty making decisions, you can consult a psychologist for the right advice.

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