Recognizing 8 Types of Human Intelligence, Which One Are You?

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Recognizing 8 Types of Human Intelligence, Which One Are You?
Recognizing 8 Types of Human Intelligence, Which One Are You?

Do you know, there are 8 types of human intelligence to describe the advantages that each person has. By knowing the type of intelligence, it will be easier for you to understand your abilities and hone your potential

In this modern era, intelligence is not only measured by good grades or high IQ scores. Expertise in music, exercise, or communication is also included in intelligence, you know. This is a theory of multiple intelligences (multiple intelligences) put forward by a psychologist from Harvard, Howard Gardner.

Recognize 8 Types of Human Intelligence, Which One Are You? - Alodokter

Gardner first described his theory in the book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983. In his book, it is stated that there are 8 types of intelligence possessed by humans with different levels.

8 Types of Human Intelligence

The following are 8 types of human intelligence according to Gardner:

1. Visual-spatial intelligence

People with visual-spatial intelligence have the ability to think abstractly and are very good at visualizing things. Those who excel in this field are very interested in things in terms of form and physical point of view.

The characteristics of the owner of visual-spatial intelligence include:

  • Able to interpret pictures, graphs and charts well
  • Able to recognize a pattern easily
  • Able to decipher information from graphic code
  • Good at making mind maps
  • Good at reading maps, putting together puzzles, and putting together riddles
  • Loves to draw and paint, and enjoys visual arts
  • I enjoy reading and writing

If you belong to visual-spatial intelligence, the suitable career choices for you are architect, engineer, artist, cartographer, fashion designer, pilot, and sailor.

2. Linguistic-verbal intelligence

Verbal-linguistic intelligence refers to the ability to use words well, whether it's when writing, reading, or speaking. They are very sensitive, you know, in finding differences in word meaning, word order, and even rhythm in an expression.

For more details, these are the characteristics of verbal-linguistic intelligence:

  • Able to explain things well
  • Able to write well
  • I enjoy reading, writing, and interacting with other people
  • Frequently use words or terms that are rarely known
  • Easy to remember written and spoken information
  • Speaking in persuasive sentences
  • Interested in foreign languages
  • Inserting humor when telling a story

This intelligence is especially suitable for careers related to speaking and writing, such as writers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, poets, news and radio broadcasters, public speakers, novelists, storytellers, playwrights, and comedians.

3. Logical-mathematical intelligence

If you tend to relate things in logic or like to analyze a problem, maybe you belong to the logical-mathematical type of intelligence. The owner of this intelligence believes that a scientific approach can provide the best solution in solving problems.

The following are the characteristics of logical-mathematical intelligence:

  • Has problem solving skills with analysis and cause-and-effect relationships
  • Happy to think and come up with abstract ideas
  • Happy to do scientific experiments
  • Able to make arguments according to reasoning
  • Able to solve complex calculations
  • Has skills in computing
  • Able to recognize numeric patterns or syllogisms

This intelligence can be seen in scientists, accountants, lawyers, bankers, mathematicians, programmers, and engineers.

4. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

Physical-aesthetic intelligence refers to people who like physical activity. They have good motor skills and good physical abilities. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • Able to control physical well
  • Has good dexterity and body coordination
  • Excellent in activities that involve movement, such as sports and dancing
  • Happy to make or create something from the skills of his own hands
  • Remembering something by doing it, not hearing or seeing it

If you have the above characteristics, then you may be suitable as a dancer, athlete, craftsman, sculptor, and actor.

5 Musical intelligence

People with musical intelligence will enjoy things related to sound, tone, and rhythm. They tend to express themselves through music, whether it's singing or playing an instrument.

The characteristics of musical intelligence include:

  • Loves to sing and play musical instruments
  • Able to recognize musical patterns and notes easily
  • Able to remember melodies well
  • Has an understanding of musical structure, rhythm, and pitch
  • Able to modify and create musical works in the form of songs or instrumentals

The career options that are suitable for the owner of this intelligence are singer, conductor, music teacher, songwriter, and composer.

6. Interpersonal intelligence

Owners of the type of interpersonal intelligence or also known as social intelligence are those who are good at understanding and interacting with other people. They are also shrewd enough to observe other people's mood swings.

In general, people with interpersonal intelligence type have the following characteristics:

  • Like communicating or chatting with other people
  • Able to recognize the moods and desires of those around him
  • Able to communicate verbally and non-verbally
  • Being able to see the situation from a different perspective
  • Able to create he althy relationships with other people
  • Able to resolve conflicts well
  • Has a leadership spirit and able to cooperate with others
  • Has a high sense of empathy

Career options that are suitable for people with this type of intelligence are psychologist, philosopher, counselor, politician, teacher, therapist, social worker, and salesperson.

7. Intrapersonal intelligence

In contrast to interpersonal intelligence which is sensitive to the needs of others, intrapersonal intelligence is more understanding of one's own character and feelings. They are also known as a tough person with a strong character.

The following are characteristics of intrapersonal intelligence:

  • Able to recognize and control one's own emotions
  • Good at motivating yourself
  • Has good consistency
  • Able to analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Has a high level of consciousness
  • Loves to analyze theories and ideas
  • Plan and carry out his goals well

If you have the above characteristics, then the most suitable career choices are writer, scientist, theorist, philosopher, teacher, psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselor.

8. Naturalistic intelligence

If you like to mingle with nature, be it with animals, plants, or the environment, maybe you are the owner of the naturalistic type of intelligence. Usually, people with this intelligence have the skills to survive in the wild. Characteristics include:

  • Has a great interest in nurturing and exploring the environment
  • Be aware of changes in the environment, for example feeling it will rain before it even looks cloudy
  • Has an interest in studying biology, botany, and zoology
  • Able to distinguish various flora and fauna
  • I enjoy gardening, camping and hiking

Career options that are suitable for people with naturalistic intelligence types are biologists, farmers, conservationists, veterinarians, or nature guides.

Well, after knowing the 8 types of intelligence above, which type do you think belongs to you? By recognizing it, it will be easier for you to hone your potential and determine the type of profession that suits your abilities.

Everyone has their own potential and uniqueness. So, you don't need to feel like a failure or low self-esteem when you have trouble learning lessons at school.It could be that the things you enjoy, such as exercising, making music, traveling, or empathizing are your intelligence.

If you have questions about the type of intelligence or difficulty determining the type of intelligence you have, you can consult further with a doctor, yes.

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