This is how to deal with suicidal people

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This is how to deal with suicidal people
This is how to deal with suicidal people

Dealing with people who want to commit suicide is not an easy matter. If he responds wrongly, it might even make him more convinced to take the action. Therefore, in order not to make a wrong move, let's find out the right way to deal with this situation

People who are suicidal don't always say clearly that they want to end their life. However, this condition can be seen when he often talks about anxiety and about death or suicide. He can also feel that he is only a burden to others and useless living in the world.

This is how to deal with people who want to commit suicide - Alodokter

In addition, the movements of people who want to commit suicide can also be seen when they are always moody, sad, anxious, hopeless, withdrawn from daily activities and those around them, have no appetite and lose weight., shared his possessions for no apparent reason, and said goodbye.

How to Deal with Suicidal People

If you find signs of suicide in those closest to you, whether it's family, spouse, friends, or co-workers, stay calm, okay? Then, do the following to prevent suicide attempts:

1. Be a good listener

Listen to someone telling you their problem. Let him talk, and if it's not necessary, don't give advice, let alone ignore, belittle, or judge him.Because sometimes people just want to be heard and don't need comments.

2. Validate her feelings

Understand the sadness he feels. Show through facial expressions and gestures that you really understand and care about the problem. Look into her eyes, hold her hand tightly or hug her to give her a sense of comfort.

You can also say, “I know this hurts a lot. Be sad if that calms you down. Don't worry, I'm here. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

3. Talk heart to heart

Start a heart-to-heart conversation. You can give your opinion on the problem he is facing. However, remember, don't blame him and still show an attitude that you really care about him.

You also don't have to hesitate to ask him about suicide. Opening up a conversation about suicide is known to reduce a person's desire to end his life.You can start the conversation by asking questions like, “Is it because of this problem that you are thinking of ending your life?”

4. Accompany him

As much as possible take your time to accompany him. Don't let him be alone or feel lonely so that things don't happen. Also make sure that there are no dangerous items around him that can be used to harm himself, such as sharp weapons, firearms, drugs, or poison.

In addition, invite him to release stress in a he althier way, such as doing sports, meditation, pursuing hobbies, and eating nutritious foods. Living a he althy lifestyle can reduce a person's desire to commit suicide.

5. Invite to see a psychologist or psychiatrist

If you have tried everything but he is still contemplating suicide or maybe he has tried to do it, immediately take him to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Tell him that he needs to get help from a psychologist and psychiatrist.

You can reassure him by saying something like, “I will always be here to accompany and listen to you. But I think going to a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you even more. I'll accompany you there, okay?”

Suicide is often seen as the only way out for those who are unable to deal with their own problems. Therefore, your role as the closest person is very important so that he can stop his intention to end his life.

If you feel like committing suicide yourself, you should also immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to get help and proper treatment.

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