7 Types of Toxic Friends to Avoid

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7 Types of Toxic Friends to Avoid
7 Types of Toxic Friends to Avoid

A he althy friendship should be beneficial for both parties. However, if you always feel wronged, your friend could be a toxic friend. So, what does it mean to be a toxic friend? Come on, see here the explanation

Being in a he althy and positive circle of friends can bring a variety of benefits to everyday life, from getting emotional support, preventing loneliness, and making you feel happier and more fulfilled in life.

7 Types of Toxic Friends to Avoid - Alodokter

Not only that, establishing positive social relationships can even reduce the risk of various he alth problems, both physical and mental, such as high blood pressure and depression, as well as extending life expectancy, you know.

On the other hand, being trapped in a toxic circle of friends can certainly have a negative impact on your life, such as making you doubt yourself, lowering self-esteem, and even triggering excessive stress. If it occurs over a long period of time, this can eventually lead to mental disorders.

Types of Toxic Friends You Should Avoid

Below are some types of toxic friends that you should avoid:

1. The Hobby Utilizes

This is one of the most common types of toxic friends. Toxic friends of this type generally make friends just for profit to fulfill their goals, for example to improve their social status.

Not infrequently, after the goal is fulfilled, friends who only like to take advantage of this will disappear, even though you may need them. However, if in the future he again needs support or assistance, he will not hesitate to ask for it from you.

2. The Complainer

Toxic friends of this type are generally never satisfied with anything they have. As a result, he will always grumble and complain about how unfair this world is to him.

Not only in life, toxic friends like this usually tend to see things in a negative light. This can be seen from his habit of always criticizing or even jealous of your life.

3. The Drama Queen

Like his nickname, this is the type of toxic friend whose life is always filled with conflict and drama. Every day, there is always something that makes him upset, sad, or angry.If you have this type of friend, chances are you will always be his personal problem solver.

Moreover, this type of toxic friend is generally always selfish. He tends not to care about the problems experienced by his friends, including maybe yours.

4. The Selfish

This type of toxic friend usually expects you to leave everything when he or she needs your help. If you have other priorities, oftentimes, this can make him disappointed or even angry with you.

Although being a supportive friend is indeed important, but with this type of selfish friend, you should still set clear boundaries, OK. The reason is, if you don't, being friends with the Selfish One can drain your time and even your energy, you know.

5. The Commentator

You can recognize a toxic commentator type friend from his habit of commenting or criticizing everything in your life, from your achievements, hobbies, or the way you dress.Usually, he conveys his criticisms or comments in the form of offensive jokes.

Not infrequently, he also does this in front of other people. This is done solely to make him feel better or so that others don't think you are better than him.

6. The Gossip

If you have friends who like to gossip, you have to be very careful, okay? As much as possible, avoid telling him too much about your personal life let alone your secrets.

Because this type of toxic friend can easily tell or gossip about other people's lives to you, this means that he will also not hesitate to tell other people about your life or problems.

7. The Rebel

A person with a rebellious nature tends to break certain rules around him more often. Therefore, the early days of friendship with this toxic type of friend may be fun.

However, over time, being friends with rebellious types can drain energy, and even get you in trouble, you know. Because, everything he does is usually full of risk and difficult to predict.

How To Deal With Toxic Friends

If you have friends who are similar to the types above, this means that you have to take action immediately, so that your friendship with them doesn't have a bad impact on your life.

Well, here are some things you can do to deal with a toxic friend:

  • Communicate the things that bother you and what you don't like about your friends. The reason is, your friend may not realize that his behavior is disturbing and even has the potential to harm you.
  • Set clear boundaries in your friendship with a toxic friend, for example the time he can call or the help you can give him.
  • Put some distance between you and your friend emotionally. Avoid caring too much about his life, especially if you have communicated your feelings but he still doesn't show a change in attitude.

When doing the tips above but your friend gets angry and avoids it, it's normal to feel sad or lost. The reason is, avoiding people we care about, including friends, is not an easy thing.

Accept the feelings that arise and realize that your he alth and well-being are also important. If you have tried the methods above but are still having trouble getting rid of your toxic friend, you can also ask a psychologist for help so that you can find the right solution.

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