Understanding What Cancel Culture is and Its Impact on Mental He alth

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Understanding What Cancel Culture is and Its Impact on Mental He alth
Understanding What Cancel Culture is and Its Impact on Mental He alth

The term cancel culture is being discussed by many people lately, especially on social media. But actually, what does cancel culture mean and how does it impact mental he alth? Come on, see the full explanation in this article

Cancel culture is a culture of boycotting someone who is considered a problem en masse, for example when that person says or does something that is considered inappropriate or offensive. This practice of mass boycotts is usually also followed by the termination of support for the person.

Understanding What Cancel Culture is and Its Impact on Mental He alth - Alodokter

Understanding the Cancel Culture Phenomenon in greater depth

The phenomenon of cancel culture generally occurs on social media. Everyone can actually be a victim of cancel culture, but this phenomenon is usually experienced by community leaders, such as politicians, state officials, religious leaders, and celebrities.

Well, in general, there are 3 psychological processes that occur in a person, before he cancels culture on others:

  • Realizing that there are negative things in the victim
  • Feeling a variety of negative emotions, such as intense anger, sadness, and anger
  • Feeling obligated to punish or hurt the victim, due to negative things said or done

Until now, many cancel culture phenomena have succeeded in fighting negative things, such as sexism and racism, because these phenomena demand social change.In addition, cancel culture also allows a person to think further about the impact of every thing he will do.

Impact of Cancel Culture on Mental He alth

Although it does have several benefits, the phenomenon of cancel culture can also have an adverse impact on the mental he alth of victims, perpetrators, and observers or people who only see the phenomenon of cancel culture. Below is the full explanation:

1. Impact on victims of cancel culture

The cancel culture phenomenon should be a means to make victims understand their mistakes, correct them, and take appropriate steps so that they don't repeat the same mistakes in the future.

However, instead of making the victim understand his mistake, the phenomenon of cancel culture, especially what has happened recently, often turns into intimidating or bullying behavior towards the victim.

This of course can make the victim feel isolated, isolated, and even lonely. It is also possible that the victim will be more at risk of experiencing anxiety disorders, depression, and even suicide.

2. Impact on cancel culture actors

You need to know, the cancel culture phenomenon also doesn't always succeed in making the victim aware of his mistake, especially if the perpetrator of the cancel culture and the victim do not have a close relationship.

Sometimes, the practice of canceling culture like that will only make the victim feel more challenged to defend his ego and reputation. If so, this can actually cause the cancel culture perpetrator to feel more negative emotions, such as annoyed, angry, and even frustrated.

In addition, the phenomenon of cancel culture is also said to reduce the level of empathy of the perpetrators. The reason is, when carrying out the practice of canceling culture, the perpetrator will tend to refuse to listen to or understand the position of the victim of the cancel culture.

3. Impact on observers of cancel culture

The cancel culture phenomenon will not only have an impact on the mental he alth of the perpetrators and victims, but also for observers or people who just witnessed the phenomenon.

Too often see the practice of cancel culture can cause a person to be filled with fear and worry that he might be abandoned by others.

In addition, those who observe the cancel culture phenomenon can also experience anxiety that other people will find something in themselves that can be used against it in the future.

Tips to Prevent the Bad Impact of Cancel Culture on Mental He alth

Although we can't control the words and behavior of other people, we need to remember that we can control our own behavior and attitudes, so that the cancel culture phenomenon does not endanger our mental he alth.Well, below are some tips:

  • Get in the habit of thinking twice before posting content on social media. Remember, the digital footprint will not disappear,
  • Avoid posting anything on social media when you are feeling emotional.
  • Get in the habit of criticizing others properly.
  • Do a social media detox regularly, especially when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed.
  • Talk to people you trust, such as family or friends, if you become a victim of cancel culture.

If you feel that you are affected by the cancel culture phenomenon that has often happened recently, whether as a victim, perpetrator, or observer, don't hesitate to tell your complaint to a psychologist or psychiatrist, OK.

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